Soya wadi or soya chunks as they are known are made using soy flour that has been ‘defatted’ or the oil is removed. They are the by-products left after extracting soybean oil and have a rough texture when left dry. The texture quickly changes to soft and spongy as soon as submerged in warm water or added to gravy. They are known as ‘vegetarian’s meat’ as their nutritional profile is comparable to several non-vegetarian foods. Soya chunks are also very versatile and can also be cooked to have a similar flavour as non-veg curries.

Soya chunks are packed with numerous benefits. Read on to know about all the benefits.

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Good For Bones

Soya chunks are rich in minerals, calcium, copper, zinc, vitamins and selenium, thus, they are great for the health of bones. They help in the growth of new bones, make bones stronger as well as speed up the process of bone healing. Also, the above-mentioned elements promote orthotropic activity.

Improves Heart Health

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People having high LDL cholesterol are prone to experiencing heart ailments like stroke, and heart attack. According to a few surveys conducted a while back, it was found that soy chunks can efficiently lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, thus protecting the heart from ailments.

Weight Management

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Soya is highly acclaimed all across the globe as it can help you lose weight. A study discovered that soya chunks stop excess fat from accumulating around the organs, thus promoting weight loss (5 things that can help in weight loss).

Also, soya chunks are rich in protein that allows the development of lean muscles as well as helps to keep you full, thus, preventing you from unnecessarily munching on food. Apart from this, it enables fast metabolism which again helps us to manage our weight.

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Aids Digestion

Soya chunks are loaded with fibre, and fibre plays a significant role in the digestive system. It allows the food to pass slowly from the system and keeps you full for longer. People suffering from problems like constipation are advised to consume fibre rich food such as soya chunks (soya chunks cutlet recipe) as it helps in a proper bowel movement.

Apart from this, soya chunks contain a carbohydrate named oligosaccharides that stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

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Good For Skin And Hair

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Apart from offering several health benefits, soya also offers a number of beauty benefits. Consuming soya chunks can be highly beneficial for your skin and hair as it lightens the skin, makes the skin firm, fights against wrinkles, combats dry hair, strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

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