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C-Section Delivery: What Are The Benefits And Risks, Expert Shares

C-section delivery can be pre-planned if a high risk pregnancy is detected at earlier stages of pregnancy.
Published -11 Nov 2021, 10:00 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 10:19 IST
caesarean c section delivery benefits risks

Caesarean section or C-section delivery is a surgical procedure where the baby is delivered through an incision in the mother's abdomen. This is usually done when the vaginal delivery can put the baby or the mother at risk. 

We spoke to Dr. Bilsi Mittal, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynecology with Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Mumbai (Malad)and asked what were some benefits and risks involved in a C-section delivery.

C-Section Delivery

C-section delivery is quite common today. During a caesarean deliver, a surgical incision is made through the abodominal wall into the uterus. A c-section delivery is recommended by doctors when - 

  • You had previous c-section deliveries
  • Baby is in breech position (head up, feet down)
  • Medical condition isn't conducive to a natural delivery
  • Early detection of high risk of pregnancy
  • You are given an option of c-section for its practicality

Many times women plan for a vaginal delivery but a situation might occur when the doctor might suggest an emergency caesarean delivery. Some common causes can be - 

  • Contractions are just too week
  • Mother not able to induce labour
  • Baby not tolerating labour
  • Baby is in breech position or sideways when the labour begins

What To Expect From A C-Section Delivery?

c section delivery

For a caesarean delivery, the patient is given anesthesia. The mother will need bed rest for a complete day after the delivery via c-section. Usuaully, they are expected to stay in the hospital for 2 to 4 days. The total recovery after a caesarean delivery can take up to 6 weeks. 

Most women don't feel any discomfort after the surgery but they begin to feel the pain around the incision when the anesthesia starts weasring off. Some common side effects of c-section delivery are - 

Benefits Of Caesarean Delivery

C-section deliveries have better outcome in cases like gestational diabetes in mother, gestational hypertension, or cases with intrauterine growth restrictions of baby, or placental abnormalities cases or pregnancy with fibroids, precious pregnancies like infertility treated etc. This is because the risk in such cases for normal delivery is way higher and it is all cut short in a C-section delivery.

In cases where high risk in involved, c-section is advisable. Patients can go ahead with c-section even before labour pains start naturally to prevent an emergency c-section later. 

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Risks Involved In C-Section Delivery

c section delivery risks

The expert shared that minimal risk is present in any procedure. He said,"Whether its normal delivery or c section, post-partum complications can happen in either cases. Post-partum complications can compromise of sudden onset of heavy bleeding and patient becoming hemodynamicaly unstable. Thus, minimum 24 hrs at least post-delivery the patient is kept under observation irrespective of normal delivery or c section."

The expert further shared that if a C-section deliver is planned way ahead then prior precautions are taken to reduce risk factors by keeping blood reserved, prior anesthetist checkups and patient being vitally stable. When high risk patient is planned for c section then entire team of doctors and staff is ready before hand.

If you have any questions related to c-section or normal delivery, write to us on our Facebook page and we will get your queries answered by our experts. For more such pregnancy related stories, stay tuned! 


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