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Gynaecologist Answers 13 Questions About Sex That You’re Probably Too Shy To Ask

We asked a gynaecologist questions about sex, that you’re probably too shy to ask. 
Published -30 Jun 2022, 17:18 ISTUpdated -06 Sep 2022, 00:54 IST
gynae answers sex related questions

Everyone is inquisitive about sex, but because it's such a taboo topic, many don't feel comfortable discussing it. Owing to  inexistent levels of sex education, even as adults, many struggle to find answers to sexual queries. In a bid to find these answers, people usually turn to friends or porn, but those are not authentic sources of information. We asked a gynaecologist the top 13 questions about sex that you’re probably ruminating over. 

Here are some sex-related questions answered by Dr Anjali Kumar, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram

1. Is sex supposed to hurt the first time? 

first time sex

Ideally, sex is supposed to be NOT painful.  Pain during sex can occur for many different reasons. Some women may have a tight hymen or tight vaginal opening, and some may have an infection. So, it is adviced that any couple trying out first-time sex should be patient with one another and spend more time together before the penetration, so that the vaginal gland produces more mucus and then it is easy for the penetration. 

Also, do not get disappointed if it doesn’t happen the first time. It is absolutely all right.. However, if the sex doesn't happen even after trying 2 to 3 months, you can consult your gynaecologist.

2. Is it safe to have sex during periods?

It is absolutely safe to have sex during periods. Also, the chances of pregnancy are also very remote, however not completely 0. You can still get pregnant during periods.  

Some people enjoy having sex during their periods because then they don't need to use any added lubricant. However, using a condom is a good idea, because STIs can still be transferred. 

3.Will having  sex with multiple people in 1 week or 1 month cause STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?

Yes, any sexual contact even with 1 person just 1 time can cause an STD. It can be transmitted when genitals come in contact, even without penetration. So whenever you engage in any sexual activity with anyone, make sure that you know the sexual history of your partner to avoid any chances of STD. The possibility of this increases with multiple partners.

STDs can also be transmitted, even with the use of condoms. There are certain STDs that can be passed from one person to another through  skin-to-skin contact like HPV, herpes, etc. Condoms can protect you from STDs while you engage in vaginal penetration, but it can still spread through skin-to-skin contact.

So, it is suggested that you always be vocal about asking your partner about their sexual history.

4. Can you get pregnant using a condom even if it doesn't break?

sex with condoms

Yes, there are certain situations where even after using a condom, one still gets pregnant. Condoms carry  a failure rate of roughly 4 to 8 %, when it has been used in a normal way. When it has been used in a perfect way, then also the failure rate is about 2%. This happens usually because the condom was not put on at the right time. It’s important to know that even pre-cum contains sperms, so it’s not only ejaculation that can get you pregnant. 

5. How to use a condom properly?

Condoms must be used correctly, put on before erection, and no genital contact should occur without one. With this, you can avoid pregnancy completely. Also, don’t put on two condoms instead of one, because the friction might make them tear. 

6. Is extreme pain after sex normal?

No, extreme pain after any sexual activity is not normal. Minimal discomfort in the beginning is normal but if the pain persists, especially deep seated pain, it could be a sign of endometriosis, fibroid or some infection inside. You should consult your gynaecologist to know more on it.

7. Is feeling itchy down there after sex normal?

No, having an itching sensation and having yellow or reddish discharge could be a sign of infection.

8. Is it safe to try anal sex?

anal sex

The risk of infection is much higher during anal sex than during vaginal sex. Also, if the couple tries anal sex, make sure they don't try vaginal sex right away because that could cause an infection in the vagina. Condoms must also be used during anal sex in order to stop the spread of any infections from one person to another. Condoms must be changed if you’re shifting to vaginal intercourse after anal sex.

9. Is it safe to have sex  during pregnancy?

If your doctor has informed you that there are no contraindications, then the answer is yes, having sex is safe. In a normal healthy pregnancy, the person is safe to have sex. 

10. Why didn’t I orgasm in spite of good sex? 

good sex orgasm

Orgasm actually starts from the brain, which sends the signal that causes such sensations. So for many people, not experiencing orgasm is very common.  So, as long as you are comfortable and happy with your partner, you don't need to worry about this.

11. Does G-spot really exist?

No, G spot is a myth. There is no scientific evidence of this. 

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12. Does penis size matter for good sex?

Not at all. All that matters is the happiness and comfort with your partner for good sex.

13. Should we use protection while having  oral sex?

Yes, just like for anal sex, it is also required to use protection with oral sex.During oral sex, you should use a dental dam, which is a thin, flexible piece of latex or polyurethane for protection.

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