Papaya fruit has a number of health benefits and we all know that. But did you realise that the papaya seeds that your throw away are equally beneficial?! They do taste bitter but they are very good for your health if taken in moderation. Let's take a look at how you and why you should be using them and not discarding them.

Weight Management

seeds papaya

The seeds of this tasty fruit help in digestion and prevent obesity. They are a source of fiber that works on keeping a check on our blood pressure and help keep the heart-healthy. 

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Free Radicals

A major source of antioxidants known as polyphenols and flavonoids, papaya seeds are very good for treating infections like cold and cough. Not just that, these seeds have proven to be good for chronic diseases as well.

Healthy Gut

According to some studies, papaya seeds have proteolytic enzymes which can get rid of parasites and bacteria that are present in our intestines. So here is how these black seeds contribute in keeping the gut healthy as well.

Menstrual Pain

menstrual pain papaya seeds

It is said that the consumption of papaya seeds is helpful in getting rid of those period cramps that some of us experience. 

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Cholesterol Level

cholestrol papaya

Rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, most importantly, oleic acid (3), papaya seeds are said to pull down high levels of bad cholesterol

How To Consume Papaya Seeds

They are definitely bitter so it is difficult to have them just like that in the raw form. Therefore it is best to dry them out in the sun and then grind them. Then use this powder by teaspoon or tablespoon and add them to sweet smoothies, teas, desserts and even juices. You can add in some honey or gur to overpower the slight bitterness. 


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