Yoga is a powerful practice that makes us positive overall helping us to face life's challenges. When we become too overwhelmed or flustered, it can cause high blood pressure. Due to the mental clarity that we achieve by way of meditation and yoga, we can channel our energies towards building ourselves and living a more healthy life.

Grandmaster Akshar told HerZindagi that we must "find a productive outlet for anger. Anger needs a healthy emotional outlet as it leads to hypertension. You can consider taking up journaling if this feels cathartic. Focus on your personal goals and practice yoga, breathing and meditation. This focus will in turn keep you grounded while building inner strength, and positivity."

Keep Stress Away

According to the latest studies, an estimated 33 percent of people are reported as feeling extreme stress. Around 77 percent of people the world over suffer from poor physical health because of stress. Out of this, 73 percent have stress that impacts their mental health. Stress leads to numerous lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, depression, diabetes. Globally, 48 percent of people suffer from insomnia due to stress.

Here are some asanas suggested by Grandmaster Alshar that may help.

Samakonasana Variation

pose one bp

  • Stand in Samasthithi.
  • Tilt your upper body forward slowly.
  • Lower your upper body parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your legs straight and knees slight bent.
  • Back must be straight. 
  • Join your palms in front of your chest and remain in th eposition for 30 seconds. 

Padmasana Variation

pose two bp

  • Sit in Ardha Padmasana  where your right foot must be over your left thigh.
  • Then place your left foot on your right thigh facing up. 
  • Pull your feet closer to your hips.
  • Inhale and lift your knees off the floor.
  • Place your hands on th eknees with the palms facing up.
  • Hold the asana for a while and then repeat with the other leg.


pose three bp

  • Sit with your legs in easy pose.
  • Reach down, and then grab the outside of your right foot and bring it into the crux of the left elbow.
  • Wrap your right arm around the right knee.
  • Cradle your leg and rock it side to side, which helps in stretching your right hip and IT band, along the side of your leg.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Dandasana Variation

pose four bp

  • Sit in a seated position with your legs stretched forward.
  • Join your legs and heels together.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Tighten the muscles of your calves, thighs and pelvis.
  • Look ahead while stretching your hands out.
  • Relax your shoulders and hold for 30 seconds

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Malasana Variation

pose five bp

  • Lower your pelvis and bend your knees toward the floor to come into a squat.
  • Keep your spine straight.
  • Pelvis towards the floor, and keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • The feet must be parallel and then lift your heels. 
  • Straighten arms and place them on your knees.
  • Stay for five breaths, then straighten the legs.
  • You can come directly into a forward fold. 

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It is important that we find effective solutions to help overcome stress in order to live in a satisfactory manner. When we suffer from stressful situations, it hampers our ability to function properly whether at work or in a relationship. Yoga is a holistic science which offers us practices such as meditation and physical flows and asanas which allows us to relax and take the mind off stress.

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