Misalignment, improper or insufficient warm-up and overexertion are some of the many reasons for injuries during workouts. The condition of the yoga butt is the issue where the proximal portion of the hamstrings gets irritated. Just like the common problem of the runners’ knee which affects most runners, similarly, yoga butt affects practitioners of yoga.

What Causes It?

Grand Master Akshar shared with HerZindagi what causes it. "There can be some common causes for yoga butt injuries, and this includes:


"It is important that you give your tendons enough time for rest and recovery after a workout. When your tendons do not get sufficient rest then this damages the tendon structure. Over-exertion, overuse, or repetitive loading on any particular muscle group can cause damage over a long period of time leading to the yoga butt."

Build Strength

"Before testing the body’s stamina and endurance levels, it is important that you give your body the proper training it requires. Build up your body's resistance through much-needed strength and flexibility. Strength without flexibility or flexibility without strength are both incomplete. We need the perfect balance and combination of both these factors in order to optimise the body and maximize results during a workout."

Here are some yoga poses suggested by him that could help you in fixing it.

Savithri Asana

savithri asana

Formation Of The Posture

Start in balasana and slowly come to rest on your knees keeping your back straight. Inhale and lift both arms up turning the palms to face one another. Keep your arms, hips, and thighs aligned in one straight line.

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Ardha Vishwamitrasana: Pose Dedicated to Sage Vishwamitra


Formation Of The Posture

Start in balasana and raise your pelvis up and straighten your knees to form downward-facing dog. Now inhale and keep your right foot outside your right palm. Next, placing your palms under your shoulders, keep your legs and hips aligned. Taking your right elbow, tuck it under the right knee and place your left foot on the floor. Rest your thigh over your forearm and your right heel in front of you. Using your left palm, hold your right heel. Do the same on your other side.

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Supta Vajrasana: Reclining Thunderbolt Pose

supta vajrasana

Formation Of The Posture

Placing your pelvis on your heels, sit on your yoga mat. Now open your heels and sit properly. Keep your palms on your hips and recline slowly as much as your body can take and allows you to. If you can go all the way then lie down with your knees lifted up.

Mind & Body Connection

In order to avoid injuries during the workout understanding your body is of utmost importance. Yoga builds a fine connection between the body and the mind helping you practice with awareness. Warm up the joints including all large muscle groups such as hamstrings hips and glutes in a thorough manner. If in case of an injury makes sure that you listen to your body and give it enough time for it to recover and perform again.

So practice these exercises if you have a yoga butt and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such workouts.