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Tara Sutaria Decodes Her Food Diary: What She Eats, Drinks & Does to Stay Fit!

Checkout what Tara Sutaria eats in a day along with her guilty pleasure and fitness secret.
Published -17 Sep 2020, 16:03 ISTUpdated -17 Sep 2020, 17:52 IST
Tara Sutaria Instagramtara sutaria diet main

She is young and fit and a beauty for sure. Actress Tara Sutaria who is also dating Kapoor family's Aadar Jan, the younger brother of Armaan Jain, was asked a few questions about her eating routine, her guilty pleasures, and workout regime and she turned to be a "chaivinist" like many of us. Scroll down for more deets on her eating habits that you can actually relate to. 

In a video interview with Tara Sutaria with Pinkvilla, the actress gave a sneak peek to what she eats in a day and her answers were honest and relatable with an advice or two. 

Chai Lover

Tara loves her morning 'waali chai' and the first thing she does is catch upwith her friends while sipping on it.


tara diet

We generally expect stars to follow a regime, a kind of diet to stay fit but to our surprise, Tara shared that dieting is not for her. The "Student Of The Year" actress shared that she can " eat everything and then work it out" as she "love food too much".  Well above image shared on her Instagram is a collage of what she cooked and baked during the lockdown. So the proof to what she is saying is right here.

tara diet two

She said: "I come from a very "khaata peeta" parsi family. I stay fit as I have been dancing my whole life and started working out recently."


Generally, it is said that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day and most celebs endorse that but Tara shared that like many of us, she is "not a breakfast person but when I am on a shoot I have to eat for energy. It could be an omelet or a yum sandwich."

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tara diet three

"For lunch, every day is different. I have no diet," said Tara. 


Her dinner could be anything and she has her meal by 8:30 pm. The actress shared that Dinner is her "fav meal of the day. I put my music on, light some candles and everyone is usually free by that time. I love spending dinner with family."

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Wakeup Time

"I am an early riser when I have work but otherwise I am a night bird. It is peaceful and I can focus," she said. The actress also shared that for her, morning is the right time to workout. 

Post Workout Meal?

An honest answer for sure, Tara said: "I know I should have, but I have chai."

Tara believes what her mother says that "You are what you eat. Eat everything you want to. Work it out if you feel your body demands it. I don't think one should be constantly counting what they are eating. Be fit, workout, dance amd eat in moderation." 

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Munchy Love

After much thought, as she had so many options in mind, Tara Sutaria shared that she loves flaming hot Cheetos. 

tara diet four

A lover of seafood, rice and biryani with mutton, Tara finds her guilty pleasure in these dishes which are high on carbs and proteins as well. 

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