Yoga is all about aligning your body, breath, and mind in harmony. When these three components come together, it can definitely help to get rid of pre-mature ageing and wrinkles in a practical way of life. Ageing is natural as we age but we can definitely slow it down with the right kind of lifestyles and workouts. One of the activities that can help out here includes yoga which is a complete package that helps you stretch and tone your muscles, to achieve a radiant glowing face, and at the same time feel a sense of peace. Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra, Director, The Yoga Institute, suggests yoga asanas to combat ageing.

Here are 4 Yogic techniques that you must definitely try:


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The roaring lion pose. Sit in Vajrasana, with your knees slight apart and keep the hands between the knees. Then you have to open your mouth as wide as you can and stick the tongue out. Look up to your eyebrow center and breathe normally for a minute and release. This simple yogic practice will not only tone the sagging neckline but also banish those pre-mature wrinkles.


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The name only suggests that it is a skull brightening technique. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture and rapidly breathe in and out. After 20-30 rounds, relax. This practice rejuvenates the brain as it receives a fresh blast of oxygen, thereby energising the nerves. It also helps to give a radiant glow to the face and removes the stress from the body.

Surya Namaskar

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Surya Namaskar is a combination of 7 asanas that works on the entire body. It acts as a natural body cleanser as it improves blood circulation throughout the body. Regular practice of this can also give you clear and glowing skin. It will also help to tone the complete body, thereby making you look and feel a lot younger.

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Lie on the floor with your hands by your side and legs together. Gently lift the head up and place the crown on the floor. Stay in this pose for 5-6 breaths and gently release. This asana helps to improve your breathing. A proper breathing practice can help you to look a lot younger, as it ensures all parts of the body get enough oxygen. It also regulates the digestive system thereby making your face glow.

Some Other Tips For Anti-Ageing:

  • If you are happy from the inside, it will definitely reflect on the outside, thereby working as an anti-agent for you.
  • Drink water infused with neem and tulsi as it purifies the blood and keeps the skin clean and clear.
  • Include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet to increase the body’s vitality and immunity levels.
  • Get enough rest and sleep, to let the body refresh itself naturally.
  • Avoid using soaps and include scrubbing in your routine to get rid of the dead skin

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  • If your skin is well lubricated then it will get fewer wrinkles, so use oil if the skin feels too dry.
  • Avoid negative thoughts and anger, and spend time with nature to remain physically fit.
  • Start taking an interest in life, for it to reflect on your face.
  • We definitely cannot defy ageing, however, we can certainly slow down the process a little bit by adopting the Yogic way of life.

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