The ancient practice of Yoga is famously known to go hand in hand with the flexibility of the body. We often see pictures of Yogis in extreme poses and contortions, which show us how much a consistent practice can condition our bodies to bend, flex, and balance to suit our will. But what does Yoga do for the flexibility of mind? Does it help one be more flexible in their thoughts, decision making, and mental patterns? What can Yoga do for flexibility of the mind and adaptability to novel situations? On International Yoga Day 2020, Sarvesh Shashi, Co-founder of SARVA Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond, says that it is important that we first dwell upon what Yoga does for the mind and the nuances of the working of the mind.

Yoga and mindfulness can awaken the mind to the state where all that constitutes of it is enlarged and zoomed in, as if under a magnifying glass. Some Yoga asanas are designed specifically to elicit a certain response in the realm of the mind. The ability of a Yogic practice and Yoga philosophy is to alter states of the mind while bringing into perspective the finer aspects of the mind.

Yogic Asanas For Rigid Thoughts

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The mind is much like a monkey with a toy, it tends to ruminate on a certain point and jump to conclusions. Great Yoga Gurus have stressed the capacity of Yoga and Meditation to encourage the flexibility of the mind. The observation of complex asanas allows you to dwell in the complex crevices of your mind. Asanas, when held with mindful breath and attentiveness, allow consciousness to flow easily, this newfound freedom which is achieved by the body and mind in yogic asanas allows you to disrupt the rigid thought patterns and behaviours, enhancing the flexibility of the mind.

Rigid Mind Leads To Rigid Body

The stringent one-track mind is limited by personal experience, social stigmas and rules. Inflexibility eventually means that the mind slowly and inevitably becomes close-minded. It is important for us to remember that a rigid mind leads to a rigid body. The first step to a flexible mind is to cultivate a practice towards a flexible body. Daily Yoga practice will help achieve the flexibility of the body on various levels. The body reflects the mind and tries to speak to you in different ways.

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Daily Meditation

Daily meditation practice makes for laying a cornerstone, a foundation for mental flexibility and agility. Mindfulness also plays a key role in allowing you to remain open-minded. One more important thing that should be observed in order to cultivate flexibility of the mind is making a conscious decision towards it. Allowing yourself to see newer outcomes to situations and being open to new possibilities.

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Take everything that comes your way with positive regard and training yourself to see the best in any given situation. We must remember that the silver lining exists and it merely hides from plain sight. Develop a gratitude practice, be grateful for the things in your life so that you are able to understand better as to how to value things or individuals in your life, leading to clarity and the flexibility of the mind.

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