While we are trying to establish a work-life balance, our body and mind go through a lot of stress. One of the body parts that gets affected the most with this stress is the shoulders. Our bodies were designed to move around, be mobile, and remain active. Whereas, all we do is sit on our desks, eat lunch on a table, have a sedentary lifestyle with absolutely no activity. All of these, take a toll on our body, especially the shoulder as they start crunching, and over time, become frozen. Frozen shoulder typically starts with one shoulder, generally the right one.

So how can we ‘defrost’ these tight, frozen shoulders? Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra – Director, The Yoga Institute says that yoga can definitely help to accelerate the treatment. However, the Yogic approach should be more preventative than curative. Various yoga asanas can help release the tension and open up the muscles, not only in the shoulders but also in the upper back and chest area. Excessive tightness in the upper chest area is also one of the reasons for the shoulders to hunch and weaken them. What Yoga asanas essentially do is, lengthens and strengthens the spine to prevent it from slumping.

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  • Always start your day with a walk. Don’t try to put unnecessary strain on your body by practicing asanas early in the morning, when the body is stiff. Try to go for a walk and let the body open up on its own.
  • Do a few loosening exercises, what we call as Sahaj Bhavasanas. They must be done with breath and complete awareness.
  • Lift your shoulders up while inhaling and drop them while exhaling.
  • Shoulder rotations in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, to reduce the tension and improve the blood circulation.
  • Correcting your posture is another thing to relieve the frozen shoulder. For this, stand erect against a wall and lift and drop your shoulders, for 5 rounds.

5 Yoga asanas that you must practice daily


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This asana helps to improve the blood circulation and release the tension from the stiff shoulders.

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Another easy technique to correct the posture and stretch the entire body. Talasana directly targets the spine and the stiff shoulders


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A simple asana to loosen all your joints and relieve the frozen and stiff shoulders.

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This asana is beneficial to not only tone the nerves but also to loosen the tight joints of the body. Along with releasing the frozen shoulder, Garudasana also stabilizes the mind, thereby releasing the stress.


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You can start your day with this asana as it helps to open up the whole body. Yastikasana helps to release the tension and improve the overall flexibility of the spine and shoulders.

  • Few more tips to ease the shoulder pain:
  • Avoid carrying heavy-weights.
  • Apply hot water bag to the shoulders to relax and ease the pain.
  • Only a regular practice of Yoga can help you to improve the flexibility of the shoulders by improving the blood circulation.