Pregnancy is a special phase for every woman. It is the time when a woman experiences a lot of changes in her life. Not only does a woman face changes in her everyday life but there are changes in her body as well. A woman ends up gaining weight during her pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is quite natural. A lot of women think that they just can’t reduce their pregnancy weight but that’s not the truth! Losing weight pregnancy is easy. Look at our Bollywood actresses, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Malaika Arora Khan, they have all reduced their weight after pregnancy. It is not really a tough task and if done right, you can really lose your post pregnancy weight quickly. Here are some interesting mantras that actually work and help you get back in shape after pregnancy. 

Keep A Check On Your Diet

losing post pregnancy weight

It is not only during pregnancy that you have to eat right. Post pregnancy too, to maintain your weight, you need to eat everything right. Include good food to your diet. Your diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables that keep provide you all the essential vitamins and minerals. Add chia seeds and flax seeds to your smoothies and salads to get the essential nutrients of the superfoods. Don’t crash diet, it will affect your body negatively. If you are a heavy eater, control your potion size. Don't eat too much in one go.  Don’t skip your meals. Have small meals through the day. Try not to indulge in greasy foods that make you gain weight and are really unhealthy for you. Eat lots of fruits when you have sugar cravings. Try to avoid cold drinks, cakes and other sugar-rich foods. You can add whole-grains to your diet in the form of  breads and rice. 

Begin Your Workout

losing post pregnancy weight

Post pregnancy, you can start hitting back the gym. After a normal delivery, you can start your workout as soon as possible. However, for those who go through a C-section surgery should wait for at least 40 days and then join back the gym. Don’t straight away start with hard exercises. You can begin with a low-intensity workout and then scale up. 

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Drink Loads Of Water

losing post pregnancy weight

You need to have loads of water if you want to lose your pregnancy weight. Water is the key that maintains your overall health. It helps you in losing weight quickly. If you don’t like having plain water, you can add mint, lemon, and cucumber to it and drink it through the day. This water can also help you detoxify. 

And yes, don’t forget to sleep well. You need to complete an 8-hour sleep everyday to get into that routine of getting back to shape. Sleeping well will help you lose weight quickly. 

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