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Looking For A Fun Way To Lose Weight? Try These 5 Dance Forms

Here are 5 forms of dance that can help you burn more calories and help you lose weight.
Published -23 Apr 2020, 15:48 ISTUpdated -01 Jul 2021, 15:46 IST
dance to lose weight m

Want to have a perfectly toned and slim body but have a tough time getting yourself to exercise and to maintain a proper diet? If yes, then relax as there are many fun and effective ways to lose weight. One of which is ‘dancing’. Yes, you read it right. According to a study, a person weighing 47 kilos can burn 240 calories by performing high-energy dance for an hour. Besides this, dancing also makes your body immensely flexible as well as improves the condition of your lungs and heart. 

So, if you are planning to include this incredible and fun activity in your daily routine, here are the 5 best dance styles to get started with.


dance form lose weight freestyle

In freestyle dance, you can move your body freely without worrying about forgetting dance steps. This is one of the easiest dance forms and can be performed by anyone. Apart from helping you lose weight, this dance form also makes your body flexible and improves your blood circulation. A 30-minute session of freestyle dancing can help you burn 180 calories.


dance form lose weight zumba

There is a reason why people prefer doing Zumba instead of intense workouts. This dance style is a complete cardiovascular workout which can help you burn calories and tone your body. Performing Zumba for an hour every day can help you burn around 450 calories. However, if you can’t spend an hour dancing, you can break it into 15 minutes sessions throughout the day. So, start performing Zumba now!


dance form lose weight salsa

If you want to seriously work on your core, we suggest including an hour of salsa dance in your daily routine. This Latin American dance form involves heavy swaying, quick footwork, bends, and swirls and will serve as a rigorous work out when done correctly. An hour of Salsa dancing session can help you burn 500 calories, depending on your weight.

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Hip Hop

dance form lose weight hip hop

This dance form may not appear effective to most but you will probably be shocked to know that doing locking, popping, and breaking dance can increase your flexibility immensely and also help you shed calories. A hip hop dance session of about 60 minutes is equivalent to working out for 40 minutes in the gym. It helps you tone your core and thigh muscles and shape your body to perfection.

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Belly Dance

dance form lose weight belly dance

Belly dance helps tone problematic areas like the hips, abs, and back. It involves slow yet extremely controlled isometric movements that increase your flexibility and improve your blood circulation. This Arabic dance form helps in burning thigh, buttocks, and abdominal fat. A 30-minute session of this dance form can help you burn as much as 300 calories, depending on your weight.

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