Giving up unhealthy habits and starting a new fitness journey can be hard but it is possible with the right motivation. This journey is not just physical but also mental. It is as important to be mentally healthy and motivated as it is to stay physically healthy.

However, this isn’t easy but there is something that you need to keep in mind while starting with your fitness journey. The thing is to celebrate your every little milestone and not just wait for the end results. There are two ways you can do this.

One of them is that you need to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself. The other is to get into the thinner mindset as explained by Pooja Makhija in her latest reel.

Realistic Goals

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Most times people get too excited while starting their weight loss journey that they set unrealistic goals. For example, a person is going to get married in two months or there is an important event in two months and they set the goal of losing 10 kg in that little time. This is not at all achievable and will only bring disappointment.

It’s okay to have confidence in oneself but overconfidence is never appropriate. It is necessary to know yourself and your body, then set a goal for yourself accordingly. If you are not sure about all this, then it is always a good idea to take professional help.

This will allow you to easily reach your goal and then celebrating the victory will help you to work harder going forward.

Get Into The Thinner Mindset

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Pooja Makhija tells the audience to be in the thinner mindset rather than to follow the thin mindset. This basically means that you should not only celebrate when you reach your final goal but instead rejoice at every little victory achieved which will motivate you further.

For example, you are 75 kg and your goal is to reach 60 kg. You feel that you will be thin at 60 kg. However, you weigh yourself a few months into the fitness journey and you have reached 68 kg but not 60 kg.

This usually makes a person sad as they have not achieved their goal of being thin. However, you should celebrate 68 kg as well because you might not be thin according to you but at least you are thinner than before. Getting thinner is a big reason to cheer up.

Here are some ways to get into the thinner mindset as suggested by celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija.


Pooja Makhija suggests breaking up your goal into small goals. She says that it will actually be easier to lose weight if your aim is to be thinner instead of thin. No matter how big your goal is, divide it into small intervals of 5 kg. This will allow you to have less pressure and more focus.

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Every time you lose some weight, pick up something of the equivalent weight. Pooja Makhja tells us about the time when Oprah Winfrey lost 67 pounds and actually brought something on her show of the same weight to show her audience.

You can also do the same to feel how big even a small number can be. Even if you have lost 1 kg, pick an object of the same weight and you will have to keep it down after a while because it seems heavy. This will surely make you feel proud of your every achievement.

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Here, Pooja Makhija asks us all to imagine something. She says, “You have a pair of blue jeans you have been struggling to get into ever since you went on that vacation. You pull them out of the cupboard.”

Further she added, “Before you lost 3 kilos, they wouldn’t even go up. But now, if you suck your tummy in, you might be able to button up. Have you lost all the weight you wanted to? No. But can you do things you weren’t able to do before? Absolutely.”

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Pooja Makhija says it is important to celebrate and treat yourself in non-food ways every time you have achieved something. Go for shopping, get a massage, go watch a movie or something else but surely treat yourself as this celebration of your most little goal will help you to achieve higher goals and lose more weight

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