Summer vacations are around the corner and we are all looking to hit the beach in the coming months. But are you not happy with your paunch and flabs. Do not worry at all because we are here to help to get in shape. Look at these trendiest diets of 2021 and include the right one in your schedule from today itself.

Keto Diet

keto diet

Keto is definitely the most popular diet in the list. This has been here since a long time and doesn’t seem to leave anytime soon. Ketogenic diet basically means low on carbs. The diet works because it is rich in fat but very low in carbohydrates. This helps the body to learn to convert fat into energy. This ultimately leads to the better functioning of brain. But you should know that more than health this diet focusses on weight loss which makes it good for only a short period of time. 

Mediterranean Diet

The diet is based on traditional food items consumed by people in Italy and Greece back in 1960’s as researchers found that the people during those times were extremely healthy as compared to Americans. People following this diet have a low chance of heart attacks, strokes, types 2 diabetes and premature death along with weight loss. This diet can be extremely effective if done in the right way and super easy as there are numerous countries around the Mediterranean Sea which gives you an abundance of food choices.

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Vegan Diet

vegan diet

Vegan exclude all the animal products from their diet including meat, eggs, honey, fish and dairy products and they entirely survive on plant-based products. Recently, more and more people are going vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons. If you follow this diet religiously, then it can result in various health benefits including the blood sugar. But keep in mind that lack of intake of all the nutrients may result in nutrient deficiency. Also, remember that it can do wonders when done in the right manner but it can also go the opposite way.

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Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian diet can also be termed as the semi-vegetarian diet which lets you add small amounts of animal products like fish and meat for additional protein intake. It’s an easier method than being a vegan or vegetarian and at the same time, it is a realistic approach. This is the most effective diet as it contains all the nutrients in a balanced manner. It’s easy to successfully achieve your target through this diet, just remember to practice portion control and limit cheating.

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Atkins Diet

atkins diet

Atkins diet is a low carb diet which mainly aids in weight loss. This diet works by being low in carbs when you can have as much as protein and fats you like. It is proven fact that low carb diets without any calorie count have been effective in weight loss and also, can lead to various other health benefits. At first, the diet was considered unhealthy due to its high level of saturated fat contents but with time it came to be known that saturated fat is harmless. Since then, the diet has been really popular for weight loss. 

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