If you are someone who prefers to stay indoors rather than outdoors, then you must know that humans mostly evolve in sunlight. Although, it is understandable that it has become a lifestyle for many to stay indoors as they do not have the time to be with nature. 

However, it is really important to take some time out of your busy schedule and spend some time outdoors in sunlight as it is highly beneficial. If you are still not convinced, then we have a list of benefits of being in the natural light.

Helps In Concentrating

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Natural light is known to increase focus and concentration level. If you are facing difficulty concentrating on your work while sitting in a closed cabin, then you need to open your windows and let some sunlight into your room. This might help you be alert and increase your focus. 

If your work cabin or home doesn’t have enough space for natural light to come in, then you need to change your settings as this might help you work better with the greater level of focus and can result in higher productivity.

Reduces Stress

If you are feeling stressed or anxious lately due to any kind of pressure, then you should start walking daily in the sun for at least 30 minutes. This will help you calm down and think about your situation in a peaceful manner resulting in a rational decision. This works as light improves the communication between regions of our brain that handle emotions like stress and anxiety. However, it is better if you take a walk in the morning as it is comparatively more beneficial. 

Source Of Vitamin D

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Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin as your skin produces it when it is exposed to the sun. Therefore, sun is our primary source of vitamin D which is really important for our body as it regulates the functioning of 200 genes in the body. 

Also, vitamin D influences the bones, intestines, immune and cardiovascular systems, pancreas, muscles, brain, the control of cell cycles and many more. Hence, your daily dose of vitamin D through sunlight can help you prevent several ailments.

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Good For Eyes

 It is said that you shouldn’t look directly at the sun. While it is completely true, it is also true that sunlight is good for your eyes. As now-a-days, we all have a habit of using mobile phones and laptops all day long which have fluorescent light and can cause harm to your eyes. 

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On the other hand, natural light has been proven to be beneficial for the eyes and reduces the risk of nearsightedness as it produces dopamine which helps our eyes stay healthy.

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Better Sleep

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Your body has its own way of knowing when to sleep and when to be awake that is through light and darkness. If you are getting too little or too much of either one of it, then your sleep cycle can get disturbed to a great extent and you will end up getting less sleep. However, if you get adequate amount of natural light, then it will help you get a sound sleep at night.

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