Winter Season is upon us and so are the cravings and habit of binging. We all tend to gorge on more comfort snacks and fulfil all those crazy cravings we have and some of us go overboard and put on weight. The work from home due to the pandemic has just added to those calories we do not seem to be shedding. But what if some of our favourite food items can in fact help in controlling our calorie intake and at the same time be healthier?

Indeed fried food is tasty but then the guilt we have later is not something any of us want. So why not have them in a healthier form which is equally tasty? Tandoori food is one option here. Instead of frying our food, try the tandoori versions at home, Channel your inner chef like you have been amid the lockdown and make something as scrumptious! Try not to order from outside as the masalas they put is way higher in sodium. If you can then these health benefits will make you want to go for tandoori even more.


tandoori three

Since the food is more about direct burning and cooking on low fire, oil is hardly needed. There is no frying involved and it is the spices that do the job. But yes marination is the key here for the perfect flavour.

Flavour Of The Original Is Intact

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Now when we fry food, it loses many of its properties. But when you cook it in a tandoor oven, the unique taste remains intact. So along with the crunch of the tandoor, the taste of your tandoori food which could be mushrooms, paneer, chicken, capsicum and other vegetables or fish remains unique.

No Loss Of Nutrients

When we cook food in our pans and especially fry it, many do not realise but a lot of nutrients are lost. The vegetables lose a lot of their properties the moment they are cooked in oil. But when you try the tandoori way of cooking, it also remains. All the minerals and the vitamins your vegetable or meat has stays where it is and this makes it healthier for you.

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Healthy & Easy Preparation

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You can make your own masala or preparations for the marinade using the healthiest of spices which are low in sodium as well. Food high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure which many do not realise.

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Low In Calorie

Since the cooking process involves no oil or fat, you automatically are having low-in-calories food. The dish is also free from any curry which again cuts out any kind of added calorie. The only calories count involved here is that of the food you are cooking on a tandoor.


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