Indian cooking has so many spices that go back to ancient times. From nutmeg to cinnamon to star anise and cardamom, these spices have their own characteristics besides the beautiful aroma that they have. One such spice is javitri or mace which is actually a covering to nutmeg or jaiphal and has its own use as well. It is a well known and used spice in tropical regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Caribbean Islands, India, China, and South America. The tree of mace is also used for nutmeg butter and making essential oils. This spice has many benefits that will amaze you. 

Mace is well known for balancing blood sugar levels and treating urinary tract infections.

This amazing spice also helps in improving the heart muscle metabolism.


Now this one is actually interesting. Did you know that Javitri has aphrodisiac properties that can improve the vigor of the person?

This spice which comes from the nutmeg tree, scientifically called Myristica fragrans, is excellent for those who have cough and throat pain. It is considered very helpful for asthma patients and also for those who have diarrhea due to its water-absorbing properties.

It is also very useful in reducing bad mouth breath and curing excessive thirst.

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If flatulence and bloating is an issue for you then this spice is your best friend.


Javitri also improves taste and digestion strength like an appetiser.

It can also help in treating worm and intestinal infections.

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Mace helps in relieving one from vomiting and nausea as well. 

It is very good for beauty use as well. It helps in improving your complexion and skin tone. 


If you are sleep deprived and facing insomnia then too javitri is very useful.   

Headaches and joint paints can also be cured using javitri paste made at home. 

pregnancy mace

For a pregnant woman, this spice is extensively recommended. However, consult your doctor before you consume some.

It is known to help relieve depression.