Spring onions are an essential ingredient in Chinese dishes and taste extremely delicious. Also known as scallion or green onions, these have a green leafy part and the white bulb part, both of which are edible. They have a bit milder taste as compared to regular onions and you can either eat them cooked or raw.

However, they are not only great in taste but are also filled with nutritional values. These are one of the healthiest options to include in your diet. If you are still not convinced, then read ahead to know about great benefits of spring onions. 

Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Green onion is a source of Sulphur which is really beneficial for your body, but most importantly, it reduces the risk of developing cancer. Also, it fights cancer as it contains compounds like allyl sulphide and flavonoids that fight against cancer cell producing enzymes. Start including green onions in your diet in order to avoid the risk of cancer.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

spring onion green cut

Sulphur compounds present in spring onions help your body if you are suffering from high blood pressure. It is an important ingredient if you want to control your blood sugar level as spring onions increases the level of insulin which is essential for the transportation of sugar in the blood to the body cells.

Good For Eyes

Spring onions contain carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin that protects our eyes. It is also a good option for eyes as it contains vitamin A that is extremely essential to keep your eyes healthy and maintain normal vision. Apart from this, these protect your eyes from inflammation and macular degeneration, that is a condition which can result in loss of vision. 

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Weight Loss

spring onion white

Spring onions are filled with nutrients and at the same time, contain very low level of calories and fat. This can surely help you in weight loss. Apart from this, it contains fibre that is really healthy for your body and promotes weight loss. Therefore, if you want to add ingredients to your diet that will help you lose weight, then you should definitely go for spring onions. 

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Bone Density

spring onion roots

Spring onions are a great source of several vitamins including vitamin C and Vitamin K which are present in high levels in spring onions. These vitamins are essential for the normal functioning of bones. Vitamin K plays an important role in maintaining the bone density whereas vitamin C helps in synthesis of collagen that makes your bones strong.

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Avoids Stomach Complications

Aforementioned, spring onions are rich in fibre, therefore, helps your digestive system to work properly without any complications. They also act as a great remedy for any gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea, constipation and others. Apart from this, it also improves your appetite. Therefore, include spring onions in your diet immediately in order to avoid any stomach related complications.  

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