Rujuta Diwekar is one of India’s Top dietitians who is known for her simplistic diet plans that are really beneficial and work like magic. With the lockdown upon us, we are all trapped inside our homes with a big responsibility of handling our lifestyles well. But unless and until we have someone to guide us through the process we hardly do anything worthwhile that actually impacts our health in a good way. 

That is why Rujuta has chalked out a proper plan for all of us that we must follow while being quarantined in order to stay fit and healthy all the time.  So, follow this diet and exercise routine to rock this lockdown like a pro to help you burn the fat and lift up your mood.

Rujuta Diwekar About Her Diet Plan

“A meal and exercise plan you can follow at home.

- easy to cook and light on the stomach

- Wholesome and nutritious

- keeps you hydrated & energised

Helps with lethargy, digestion issues, sweet cravings, sleep quality, uplifts mood and builds strength. It is kid friendly too. Note that home cooked meals address all your nutritional requirements and you don't need to buy any product/ pill/ powder.”

Start Your Day With

rujuta diwekar's quarantine meal plan

  • Bananas(Constipation)
  • Soaked Almonds for diabetes, heart disease
  • Soaked Raisins (PMS, Thyroid)
  • A healthy start of the day helps you balance all the chores while at home or working from home.


  • Poha, upma, idli, dosa, egg, pav or paranthas.
  • Deep fried wada or puri (once a week)
  • Season special mango milkshake
  • Homemade breakfast helps you to keep your mood steady and your blood sugar control.

Mid Morning Snacks

Nimbu, Kokum or Amla consume fresh or as sherbets. These will help you stay energetic and keep your Hemoglobin levels high by maintaining the Vitamin C levels in the body.

Lunch Time

rujuta diwekar's quarantine meal plan

Dal rice, Roti sabzi If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency or Vitamin D deficiency. And take banana roti or shikran poli if you regularly feel hot flushes, gassy or bloated.

Afternoon Snacks

Dry Coconuts and jaggery, Cashew nuts plus jaggery along with snacks like shakarpara, mathri, kurmura, chivdi, chakali. All these help in enhancing your mood and make you super fit and also helps in cutting down the excess of chai or coffee.

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Early Dinner

Khichdi or Dal/legumes with rice or phodni/ tadka/ vagharelo rice with egg or paneer.  The above foods are very easy to digest and give your body a combo of essential and non essential amino acids, fiber and good bacteria.

At Bedtime

rujuta diwekar's quarantine meal plan

Golden Milk( milk with turmeric) helps in improving sleep quality along with immunity. Add nutmeg if you have insomnia, weak digestion, add ginger for weak bones, joints low strength, 1-2 strands of kesar for glowing skin and shiny hair.

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Remember To

rujuta diwekar's quarantine meal plan

  • Workout regularly: Working out helps in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 
  • 30 Minutes of planned workout with 5 Suryanamaskars, squats (benefits of doing squats)and lunges, and yoga practice.
rujuta diwekar's quarantine meal plan
  • Also, stay away from habits like extended exposure to screens and gadgets.
  • Do not nap for more than 30 minutes in the afternoon.
  • Take out some time for eating at least one meal nicely, chewing slowly, silently.
  • Be your own best friend in this hard time.

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