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Must Have Foods To Prevent Greying Of Hair

These food items may help you in preventing premature greying of hair.
Published -26 Sep 2020, 11:15 ISTUpdated -21 Jun 2021, 13:17 IST
grey hair prevention main

Many of us have this fear of premature greying of hair and we try every nuskha and product available in the market to prevent it. After a certain age, it is inevitable but when it happens before time, before the moment when we are ready to accept that we are ageing, it is a hassle and can be very disturbing for some. So the best is that we take precautions to avoid it.

For starters, stop smoking as no good has come out of that habit. It contributes to early ageing, be it in the form of wrinkles or premature greying of hair. Secondly, my grandmother had instilled in me that I eat well and add some vitamins and mineral-rich food items to my diet to prevent my thick black hair from turning white. So bookmark this page and scroll down to know what all must be consumed.

Chart out a diet plan with these and consult your nutritionist or doctor in case you are allergic to any of these.

Green Leafy Vegetables

green veges hair grey

Yes I know, some of us make faces no matter how old we are but they are necessary for our health. Leafy vegetables have folic acid which is said to keep our hair healthy and the scalp skin nice. This is possible as these vegetables are rich in proteins and help in cell growth. Add foods like lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, etc to your diet.


mushrooms hair grey

Mushrooms are said to be excellent for treating hair whitening. If you can, add Reishi mushrooms to your diet.


blueberries hair grey

High on zinc, iodine, copper and vitamin B complex (B12 to be specific), these berries are very good for helping to produce melanin pigment. These are said to contribute to reducing white hair.


Nuts have proven to be excellent for many issues and are a part of many remedies and that includes hair whitening. Their oil application is very helpful and a handful of all nuts every day is perfect. Just do not go overboard with it.

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Salmon & Tuna Fish

Many do not like these fish but it is a known fact that they are superb for our health. Salmon fish has omega-3 which are great for hair growth and shiny hair. It also has minerals, proteins, and vitamin B complex. Have it twice a week if you can. On the other hand. The same goes for tuna as it is also high on fatty acid Omega-3 and proteins. This fish too is great for white hair prevention.

Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds hair grey

These easily available seeds are a rich source of iron, zinc and vitamin E. They also have vitamin B6 which is considered very important for white hair prevention. 

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oysters hair grey

Agreed that these are a delicacy and certainly very expensive but they are highly nutritious. They are considered very helpful when it comes to hair nourishment and can be even used in the form of oil for hair application. If you can afford them once a week you can add them to your diet but it is best to consult your doctor before you do.

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Most of these food items are easy to source and consume but if you have doubts about adding them to your daily diet, consult your doctor. 

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more if you want to prevent premature greying of hair.

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