When the festive season is on, many of us want to get something different done or simply give ourselves a makeover. This could also be a hair colour change as well but there are many pointers that one must keep in mind before getting the treatment done. Read everything and see if you can keep up and then only you must get them coloured. In case you already have then make sure you follow these tips which make your expensive hair colour las longer. 

Stay Away From Hot Water

hot shower hair

When you get your hair coloured it is important that you stay away from hot water while shampooing. Go for warm to cold water or cold water. Hot water causes the colour to fade fast and also dries out your already chemically treated hair. 

The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

The day you get your hair coloured, you must or should have already stocked up on the right shampoo and conditioner meant for you. Do a little research or refer to this list of shampoos for coloured hair. The ones specifically meant for treated hair, are softer and help you make the colour last longer. 


Just like you oiled your hair before getting hair coloured, continue oiling your hair to make it last longer. Do so on regular intervals as it prevents the hair from further damage due to the chemical used in the colour. 

Styling Tools

hair styling

Using heat, hair stylers that produce heat must be avoided as much as you can. The stylers or even a blow drier tends to make your hair brittle and dry. This leads to heavy hair fall and damage. 

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There are some remedies you may find in your kitchen that can work wonders. One of them is by using vinegar. To make your hair colour last longer, you can do the last hair rinse with some vinegar. This also keeps your hair looking fresh. 

Homemade Hair Mask

homemade hair mask

Using homemade hair masks can never be the wrong solution. It has natural ingredients which help in keeping your hair healthier and also keeps the colour intact. Instead of buying them off the shelf, it would be best that you make your own. 

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Delay Shampooing

This sounds bad but it isn't as long as it is possible. There are dry shampoos available in the market that cater to every type of hair textures. Your newly coloured would love it and this way the hair colour will last longer as well. Washing your hair once a week would be great if possible and also look for a gentle sulfate-free shampoo.

Hair Protectant

Invest in a good hair protectant spray or cream if you have to use a hair styling tool. This will protect against heat damage and also reduces the process of colour fading. 

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Deep Condition Less

Hair masks are good and so is using the right conditioner but deep conditioning may not be what you need for your coloured hair. Keep them for 10 minutes and rinse it out. Masks are supposed to penetrate the follicles of your hair which moisturises them well. But when they are rinsed out, they take the colour molecules which leads to colour fading. So condition your hair whenever you wash your hair and do not leave it on for a very long time. 

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