Who doesn't wish to stay active all day? We all do. However, as the day passes through, we get involved in different activities and eventually get exhausted by the end of the day. 

Why don't we feel energetic? Well, as your stamina comes down, you feel drained physically and mentally. 

There are different ways one can increase stamina but it isn't a one day process. Building your stamina can take a good amount of time, months or even years depending on how you follow it. 

We talked to Ms. Lakshita Jain, Certified Clinical Dietician, Lecturer, Diabetes Educator, Meat Technologist, and Founder of NUTR and asked what were some easy ways of boosting our stamina.

The expert shared, "There are 3 ways through which one can increase stamina. Food, exercise/yoga/meditation and supplements." Not just eating right or taking supplements, working our on your body too helps in improving your stamina. If you don't wish to gym, you can start building a walking or jogging routine to get  your body back on track. 

Clean Eating 

The expert shared that clean eating helps build stamina. She suggested writing what you are eating the whole day and understand the

time where you feel exhausted and tired and add fueling food there. 

1.Stay hydrated - If you often find yourself low on energy, blame it on dehydration. Sip on more water. 

2. When you are exercising, make sure you eat 1.5-1 hour before you exercise. Gyming while on low fuel (fasting state) can leave you very early.

3. Don't skip meals for weight loss or because of busy schedule. 

Foods To Increase Stamina

foods for increased stamina


Anjeer is powerpacked with potassium, calcium, iron. Boil 1 anjeer with milk and have it in the morning. Great for people with low stamina.

Pumpkin Seeds 

Have 2 spoons in the morning or before your workout.


Rich in omega 3, walnuts will decrease any kind of joint inflammation and help your body recover faster. 

Halim Seeds

Consume 1 spoon overnight soaked harad water. It is rich in iron and great to improve sexual health.

Mulethi Or Licorice

Have mulethi tea once a day for physical and sexual stamina.

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Eggs are rich in almost all vitamins and help boost stamina.


watermelon increased stamina

It will help in increasing your sex stamina and is a rich source of citrulline therefore a great add for physical stamina.


Milk and milk products help to  increase stamina.

Meat and Mutton

Mutton and meat soup are great addition to your diet, specially during rainy season. It will help you not only increase your stamina but also increase activeness.

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Supplements To Increase Stamina 

The expert also shared a list of supplments which can be consumed to improve stamina. 

Gokhru - Helps in increasing Testosterone level

Ashwagandha - Increases energy and vigour

Safed Musli - Increases blood circulation to genitals, builds stamina

Shilajit - Improves performance and supports fertility

Kaunch Beej - Increases Libido

Fish oil


As the expert suggested, all these foods and diet changes can help boost your stamina. However, we suggest you consult your doctor before adding any of these foods into your diet if you are undergoing a health treatement to avoid any issues. 


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