PCOD is a lifestyle disorder and it is curable as long as you eat healthy, workout and give importance to your body. But what does one do when all we can think of is snacking and that too on all those unhealthy items one should not be having? Worry not, I have PCOD myself and have already started losing weight bit by bit as I have taken to a few healthy lifestyle changes besides adding green tea to my daily diet. The snacks I am listing below can be found everywhere, are not expensive and can be made into something really tasty with the right seasonings. 

Makhaana/ Puffed Rice

murmure makhaana

So when we snack we generally look for something to munch, something which makes a crispy sound when we bite into it. Also, bland is not excatly what we want so here you can roast fox nuts or makhaana and some puffed rice  in little ghee and season with some red chilli, turmeric and chaat masala. I generally mix them together and then add some roasted unsalted peanuts for flavour break but there is another way of enjoying the murmuras. You can chop some tomaoes and onions, mix it in with the roasted puffed rice and sprinkle chaat masala on top. These are low in calories and take away those crazy cravings. Both are easily available and search them online as well in case you can bag them on some sale.

Home Made Popcorn

I am not a fan of popcorns but these make a great snack ladies! You just have to pop the kernels which are easily found in the market and they are super healthy. Popcorns made at home, devoid of butter and all that caramel you once loved. They are rich in viamins, polyphenols, minerals and fiber. Also, they gave zero gluten and are vegan too. If you cannot havethem bland, then sprnkle some herbs like a garlic and parsley seasoning. Try to avoid salt.

Jowar Chidwa


The flakes are made from sorghum millets and are very very popular in Telangana and Karnataka. They are extremely high in protien and are again gluen free so that concern is addressed as well. You can have a roasted version of them as snacks and for flavour, add black pepper or chaat masala. If you like seasonings then there are so many options available online. 


Fruits are always a healthy option no matter what issues you have. They are antiinflammatory and must be had as a whole. Wash them well and make sure you have one or two everyday when you crave sugar perhaps. Everytime I had floating waffles and chocolates in my head, I would  reach for a fruit or a a herbal/green tea. What fruits do is that they make you feel full due to the fiber content and they give you energy.

Enjoy berries, apples, papaya, guava, melons and poemgranate as they are PCOD friendly. There are however a few rules. You must not have fruits right after your meals or with your meal. Make sure you keep an hour's gap. You can have them on an empty stomach as well as they get absorbed properly. Never have them with tea or coffee if you want the nutrients of a fruit well utilised. 

Ragi Laddoos

ragi laddoo

No they are not sour, we add jaggery to them when we crave something sweet, These laddoos are super nutritious and ragi is becoming popular by the day. It is an excellent source of amino acids, calcium, fiber, a number of minerals, vitamin D and good carbs as well.

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Mixed Seeds Chikki

seed chikki

Now, personally I like to have a mix of pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, flax seeds just like that but I have a friend who loved it in the form of chikki. She too has PCOD and she makes them into granola bars mixed with little amount of oats and almonds and binds them with melted jaggery. The fulfil her sugar cravings and then the seeds have so much of goodness that you do not feel guilty at all.

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A Few Diet Tips

  • Do not go overboard with any snack. Restrict them to 1 bowl or 2 bars.
  • Change your snacks every week. Stick to 2-3 of them ever week so that you do not get bored. Dedicate one day to buying the groceries and preparing these snacks like a stress buster Sunday perhaps. 
  • These snacks are good for all so you can share them with others as well.
  • The best time to snack is around 11 am and in the evening around 5 pm.
  • It is best to store these snacks in glass containers or barnis, anything which is not plastic.
  • Always remember that DIY is the best policy as you know what is going into your stomach and you can make them as per taste and requirement.


Stay healthy and make sure you workout as well to help with the PCOD. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips.