Grapefruit is a beloved member of the citrus family. This juicy fruit is extremely tasty as well as healthy. Although, it is not native to India but recently, it has been found in India as well in regions of Assam, Kerala, Bangalore and Tripura. 

The fruit contains 90% moisture and is a low carb fruit which benefits the body in several ways. It is one of the great fruit to be consumed in summers as it is a great remedy for dehydration. If you want to know about its other health benefits, then read ahead. 

Aids In Weight Loss

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Grapefruit is known as an active fat burner as it contains some unique plant compounds that reduce insulin levels resulting in weight loss. Also, the low carbs work great for losing weight and also, this fibre rich fruit makes you feel full for a long period of time. 

Along with this, the grapefruit contains low levels of starch making it safe to consume for diabetic people. Although, it is safe for them but also curb the sweet cravings. 

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol is a type of bad cholesterol which is not needed by the body and grapefruit helps to lower the level of LDL cholesterol. It has been found through a study in 2006 that cholesterol levels are reduced by 15.5% if you consume a grapefruit. This is great as LDL cholesterol can raise the risk of heart attack and stroke which can be life – threatening.


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Grapefruit is about 92% of water which is one of highest in any fruit. This definitely makes it good for overall health but at the same time, this makes it a great hydrating agent. Proper hydration helps our body feel strong and keeps us away from any kind of fatigue and tiredness. 

It is also said that about 20% of fluids in a human body come from food intake, therefore, it is necessary to add something like grapefruit to your daily diet.

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Boosts Immunity

Grapefruit is something that might help in boosting immunity as it is rich in vitamin A and C. It is found that getting enough vitamin C can be harmful for the body, therefore, its intake is absolutely necessary and grapefruit is helping you in increasing your intake of vitamins for a strong immune system. Although, this might not entirely cure or protect you from a disease but it might provide you some relief.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

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It has been found that grapefruit lowers blood pressure levels. Although it might not be extremely effective but it still makes a difference. The effect of grapefruit in lowering blood pressure is due to high potassium levels.

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However, you need to make sure that you shouldn’t combine grapefruit with any other blood pressure lowering drugs as if the two are mixed, then it can be harmful for the body. 

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