We all keep looking for ‘quick and easy’ solutions for all our problems, even fat loss. And filling the void perfectly, fat loss supplements came into the picture.  Fat loss supplements work by improving the rate of metabolism and suppressing the appetite. But the problem majorly lies with the kind of ingredients that these products use.

Going by studies that have been conducted based on weight loss supplements, it has been found that the ingredients used in these products are not properly researched and may hence result in health disorders.  You should thus understand and know well enough about what you’re consuming. So, let’s take a look at some facts about these popular weight loss supplements.

The Truth About Fat Burners

truth about fat burners

Fat burners raise the temperature of your body consume energy from fat cells and hence aid fat loss through a number of procedures similar to this like, increasing fat oxidation, decreasing fat cell formation, and decreasing fat absorption, and these then resulting in loss of appetite.

Fat Supplements Are Not For Everyone

It is important to understand that not everything is for everyone. The bodies of athletes who consume fat burners react differently as compared to the bodies of normal people consuming weight loss supplements. What works for other people would not necessarily work for you. One’s lifestyle, food intake and the amount of physical exercise, all play a very important role in how these weight loss products work for us.

Some Products Are Just Marketing Gimics

fat burners are marketing gimics

Shouting ‘weight loss’ on top of their voices many weight loss supplements are just the brand's attempt to penetrate your psychology and make you buy their product which may not necessarily work. Although, many weight loss products do work such as the ones containing caffeine, green tea compounds, etc.

But there are other products that do not work for aiding weight loss for example, even though raspberry ketone is one ingredient that has been claimed to reduce weight but as per scientific research and experiment, it showed less to 0 results in doing so. Moreover, there are many other similar ingredients that are used in fat burners that barely do their job.

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Some Ingredients Of Fat Burners Have Health Hazards

Yohimbine, an ingredient used in weight loss raises adrenaline levels to promote fat loss. But as matter of fact, it has been banned in various countries and is only available on prescription by an expert in other places due to its health hazards. Similarly, Ephredine is extracted from the herb ephedra and it is illegal because of its heavy side effects on people. 

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Prescription Is important

prescription is important

Even though many of these weight loss products claim that they have been tested and used by experts, you should never fall prey to their marketing strategy. Before opting for a fat burner, you must always check with an expert dietitian as to whether or not you really need that supplement. 

Because at the end of the day there is no shortcut to success or even weight loss. These ‘quick and easy’ ways make your fat go away unnaturally and hence could have a bad impact on your internals.  Following a strict routine and eating healthy is the only way to reduce fat and stay healthy.

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