Our lifestyles are becoming dull and dull with the increasing competition in the world. And protein is one of the most important nutrients that our body requires to function efficiently. It is given more heed when you work out and need the protein in your diet to let your muscles grow and pump up. 

But normal people can also need protein and hence protein supplements can be taken by all.  Talking about these supplements we often come across different notions and opinions of people, which in turn give rise to a lot of confusion and miscommunications. Therefore, let us debunk some myths about protein supplements in this article.

Myth: Proteins Supplements Make You Bulky


Protein supplements are generally taken to repair the tissues and regenerate them and do not make you bulky or fat.

The point is that people add peanut butter and other such additional elements that are majorly responsible for weight gain or bulkiness. You can add skimmed milk or yogurt to the protein shake this will make the drink lighter and will not contribute any extra weight to your body.

Myth: You Get Too Muscular By Drinking Protein Shakes

Drinking protein shake cannot make you muscular at all. The protein that you drink is not responsible for producing more protein in the body and that is why you can’t get muscular just by drinking the supplement. It takes a lot of effort from a regulated balanced diet to the perfect amount of physical exercise that can help you get muscular and sturdy.

Myth: Consumption Of Protein Is Mandatory Post Workout 


It is a very common myth that almost all of us have come across.  What is more important is the timely consumption of protein. Regulated time intervals make more of a difference rather than sticking to or being fooled by the notion of the anabolic window. 

Apart from that, a regulated quantity along with the particular time is also equally important. But the fact that people tell you to drink protein within 20 minutes of workout is a total myth and you can drink protein even after 60 minutes or 90 minutes post-workout.

Myth: You Don't Need Protein If You Don't Workout 

This is another absolutely baseless myth that people believe a lot. Protein deficiency in the body can lead to lethargy and other health conditions and every human being needs to consume protein every day.  Even if you're not doing heavy workouts or indulging in physical activity, protein is an essential macronutrient and all of us need it.  Although, those who workout may need slightly larger amounts of protein to facilitate cell repair and rejuvenation.

Myth: Proteins Make Up For Our Meals

Drinking protein supplements cannot make up for whole foods.  For a healthy and sound system, we need to consume a balanced diet which contains carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, amino acids, fats, etc. and drinking only proteins cannot help, while proteins can provide your body with amino acids they will not be able to nourish you with other micro and macronutrients that the body needs. If you continue doing this, your body will start growing fragile and weak.

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Be Careful: Not All Proteins Are For Everyone


While marketing campaigns and other things might be able to influence you to feel that you can go ahead and drink any protein then let us tell you, that is surely not the case. Although all proteins are plant derivatives, casein is a popular protein that is obtained from milk, and people with lactose intolerance cannot consume this protein. Instead, these people should take proteins from beef, pea, eggs, etc.

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