A number of times if you observe, men hit the gym, do weights and muscle strengtheners, and women opt for yoga or pilates. However, with changing times there has been a noticeable change in the fitness and lifestyle pattern of most be it a man or a woman. Society is opening up to the idea and at the same time realising the importance of keeping oneself fit, fortunately, faster than ever. Most people you know have made exercising a part of their life and take care of their bodies in some way or the other. This is where comes the requirement of nutritional supplements to keep the body fit and keep the energy levels high. Nutritional supplements are making a strong case for their existence in every household for years now by quashing misconceptions. It started with only athletes needing it for legally enhancing their performances by keeping their energy levels high and it has now come down to men who work out in the gyms needing it. The task at hand is to bring down another misbelief of women not needing any of them.

Rima Rohra, Co-founder of Scitron has shared a few myths to break the unreasonable notions on the consumption of Nutrition Supplements for women.

Myth 1: Women have weaker bones and nutritional supplements only weaken them further


Multiple studies show that women undergo a lot of hormonal and other physical changes in their bodies from the time they conceive until they keep breastfeeding the child. So much so that a study has even suggested a woman’s body can be counted as high as ten years older than their actual age.

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Calcium is used by our body’s system to buffer the acid content that comes in with various kinds of food that we eat. This calcium need is fulfilled through our bones which sometimes may result in ‘bone loss’.

It is believed that the acidic nature of protein supplements may cause the body to draw more calcium from the bones which could result in bone loss. But, protein supplements, in fact, help the body learn that it can absorb dietary calcium and it does not necessarily need to take the same from the bones. Therefore, women need not worry about weaker bones with proteins. They help promote bone growth.

Myth 2: Nutritional supplements are for men who are looking at bodybuilding and not for women.


Another common myth is that men who hit the gym 2 hours a day for 6 days a week no matter what apocalypse hits on them are made for supplements. Women and supplements don’t go hand in hand is a huge misconception that needs to be busted. Women have very low levels of testosterone and very high estrogen.

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This helps their body make it difficult to bulk up unless their trainer is really channelising their diet with that mindset. The primary task of supplements is to help recover the energy loss which happens during rigorous workout sessions. Therefore, any lady who likes to exercise regularly can welcome these supplements with open arms.

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Myth 3: Consuming protein will make me fat


It is actually the opposite. Proteins have a proven hunger-curbing characteristic that fulfills one's recurring desire to eat at regular intervals. Protein intake is suggested for women who want to shed those extra kilograms. Though, an important thing to note is to have them in recommended proportions.

Women deserve those supplements equally as men and it is something which should be ignored at one’s own peril.

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