Avoid These Popular Drinks During Heat Wave That May Cause Health Issues

According to WHO, the heat waves in India typically occur between March and June, and in some rare cases, even extend till July. 

Lakshita Singh

With continuous reports of heatwaves from across the country, the summers have not been kind to us this year.

A heatwave is a period of unusually hot weather that can pose major risks if not properly paid attention to. The extreme heat of heat waves can cause swelling, cramps, fainting or even more serious problems. This is why you must take more measures during this time.

In this regard, the government has released a health advisory for the public, including some suggested dos and don'ts for staying safe in this scorching heat.

What To Drink To Stay Hydrated?

Stay hydrated by staying indoors and drinking plenty of water, use oral rehydration solution (ORS), and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables with high water content, according to the advisory issued by the government.

Do Not Drink These Drinks During Heatwave


Drinks that you should not consume during heatwaves, according to the health advisory issued by government are:

  • Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Drinks With Large Amount Of Sugar

Both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, meaning they can cause dehydration to the body. That is why you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Rather than fulfilling your thirst, aerated and sugary drinks dehydrate you more. Its sugar and caffeine content do not replace any fluid lost via sweating. Meaning, it does more harm without providing any compensation.

The advisory mentions that drinking these drinks can lead to loss of more body fluid. This may cause stomach cramps.

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Other Don’ts During Heatwave


The other don’ts advised by the government during heatwaves are:

1. Donot get out in the sun, especially between 12:00 noon and 03:00 pm.

2. Avoid strenuous activities when outside during the afternoon.

3. Do not go out barefoot during this time.

4. Avoid cooking during peak summer hours.

5. Avoid high-protein food and do not eat stale food.

6. Do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles. The temperature inside a vehicle could get dangerous.

These are some measures suggested in the health advisory among others.

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Staying Hydrated Is Important In Summers

Summers means the temperature will soar high, leaving us drained, exhausted, sweaty, dizzy, and messed up. That is why, in order to keep going in this scorching weather and retain good health, staying hydrated is important.

Due to heavy sweating in hot weather, your body loses water at a faster rate. That is why you must keep hydrating yourself with water or other summer coolers on a regular basis, while avoiding drinks that can dehydrate you further.

I hope you found this story helpful. Stay hydrated!

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