Dehydration is a common problem that we all face because of not drinking enough water. Insufficient water in the body leads to a lot of health issues. To save yourself from the trouble, it is important to keep a check on your water consumption. Even doctors recommend everyone to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Especially during the summer season, our bodies get dehydrated quickly. Dehydration leads to a lot of health issues. Here are 7 signs that your body is dehydrated and you should start drinking water now! 

Dry Mouth 

Your mouth starts getting dry if you don't consume enough water. This is a clear indication of the fact that your body doesn't have enough water. If you start feeling that your mouth is getting dry, go and drink a glass of water immediately. 

Dry Skin

symptoms of dehydration inside

Though people face the issue of dry skin mostly during winters, people face this issue during the summer season because of inadequate consumption of water. One can face a lot of skin related issues because of this. Make sure you drink loads of water to save yourself from any skin troubles. 


If you feel tired all the time during summers, it may be because your body is dehydrated. Actually, when your body doesn't get enough water, it starts taking water from the blood. This further leads to loss of oxygen from the blood and increase in carbon dioxide. This eventually makes you feel tired and sleepy.

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Bad Breath 

One of the biggest reasons behind bad breath is your insufficient water consumption. Due to dehydration, your body isn't able to produce enough saliva. This leads to bacteria overgrowth in your mouth and created bad breath. 


symptoms of dehydration inside

Constipation is generally not a common problem during summers. This is because the heat in the stomach works well to clear it up. But if a person still faces the problem of constipation then they must make sure that their body gets enough water. 

Joint Pain 

symptoms of dehydration inside

Shortage of water in the body is also a reason behind joint pains. 80% of our body's cartilage and spine is formed on water. When you drink less water, you start facing problems like knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain and more. 

Dark Yellow Pee 

This is one of the most dangerous signs of dehydration and shouldn't be ignored. A dark yellow pee indicated that your entire body is dehydrated. If you also feel burning sensation after you pee, it means that your body needs more water. 

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