We Indians love our black salt and add it to various foods. This includes different types of chaats, dahi vada, salads, pani puri and what not. The black salt happens to uplift the taste of the food in a jiffy. However, it is also known that excess of anything can be detrimental to health and black salt is no exception. 

Black salt is known to have amazing health benefits, but when there is a certain quantity that should be consumed. If you are one of those individuals, whose diet definitely consists of black salt, here are a few ways it can take a toll on your well-being.  



Black salt is a rich source of sodium. While it is great for people with low blood pressure, having it in excess can lead to a spike in the rate of blood pressure. This may further lead to hypertension in long run. It is best to have high-sodium food in a limited quantity. Still, if you feel sceptical, always consult your dietitian about the proper intake of high-sodium foods. 

May Cause Water Retention

Are you someone, who often have to deal with bloating or water retention, you might want to take a look at your consumption of sodium-rich foods, such as black salt. However, this may depend on person to person, as there are other health reports that claim that black salt has a low-sodium quantity and may not lead to bloating or water retention in people. 

May Leave Your Skin Dry 

May Leave Your Skin Dry

If some of the health reports are to believed, the black salt intake on a regular basis can make your skin patchy and dry. This is more evident in people with evidently dry skin. If you have strawberry legs, wherein the skin of the legs are dry and have patchy marks, black salt may leave your skin more vulnerable. Control the intake of the black salt and consult your dermatologist for better advice. 

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May Lead To Kidney Stones 

While black salt can alter the salt balance in the body, on the other hand, it can also transfer high protein quantity in the urine. All this function takes place in the kidney, which can get affected if the intake of the black salt is too high. If not controlled this can lead to kidney stones or can cause a different functional issue. However, it is not necessary that black salt is always the reason behind kidney stones. For more clarity, run tests only after consulting your doctor. 

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