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Top 5 Ways To Use Olive Oil For Beauty Benefits!

If those stubborn stretch marks and acne marks refuse to fade away, try massaging your skin with olive oil.  
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -18 Mar 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -17 Mar 2022, 15:46 IST
olive oil skincare

From nutrition and health and from hair and skin care, the multifaceted ingredient olive oil offers a multitude of benefits. The oil's unique composition and properties make it a great choice for skincare. Olive oil contains anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene, which make it excellent for hair, skin, and nails. It belongs in every DIY beauty maven's kit, just like coconut oil. It is likely that you must have heard about the beauty of Egypt's queen Cleopatra. One of the secrets to her flawless beauty was the olive oil. All thanks to olive oil, she looked beautiful and glowing throughout her life. 

It turns out that olive oil may be equally beneficial for our skin as it is for our diets. Vitamins and antioxidants in olive oil make it an effective moisturiser, protector against the sun, and a great moisturiser. Vitamins and antioxidants in olive oil make it an effective moisturiser and also a fair protector against the sun. It can be used as a skincare product on its own or even as a combination with other beauty products.

How To Apply Olive Oil On Face?

olive oil for face

First and foremost, let’s take a look at how olive oil can be applied on the face. Olive oil can be used as part of a regular skincare routine or when your skin is very dry. After cleaning, use a thin layer to hydrate your skin. Use olive oil after applying lotion and before applying makeup to help seal in moisture. If you use a daily sunscreen, wipe away the extra leftover oil from your face using a soft towel. After wiping off the extra oil, you are ready to put the sunscreen on.

Applying Olive Oil On Face Overnight

olive oil on face overnight

You can dip a cotton ball into a bit of olive oil and then apply it to your face in a very small amount. Alternatively, you may combine a tiny amount of olive oil with your preferred nighttime lotion or moisturiser and apply it as usual. It's important not to apply too much oil, as this might clog the pores of certain people. 

Benefits Of Olive Oil Massage

benefits of olive oil massage

Olive oil is useful for repairing sunburned skin as the antioxidants in the oil help to reverse the damage caused by the sun's UV radiation. It also has a reputation for slowing down and preventing premature ageing. Olive oil has a significant amount of squalene, which helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It includes fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 9, which additionally aid to keep the skin moisturised. 

It contains linoleic acid, which hydrates the skin by acting as a barrier, trapping moisture under the skin's surface. It can aid in the reduction of redness and pigmentation. It might also assist with skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi. You can reap the aforesaid benefits of olive oil by massaging your face with olive oil once in every week. 

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin And Hair

benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Vitamin A is an antioxidant found in olive oil that aids in the production of sebum in the skin and scalp. Sebum forms a barrier that protects the skin from bacterial infection. Sebum softens hair and makes them supple. However, excess sebum production is also not a good thing as it can lead to acne and other skin outbreaks. Dry hair is caused by inadequate sebum production for which treating your hair with olive oil can help.

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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin Whitening

Olive oil skin whitening

Extra virgin olive oil has just a minor whitening impact on the skin. In a container, blend equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice. Lemon juice contains natural bleaching qualities that can aid in skin whitening and brightness. It would also make dark spots and imperfections on the skin less visible. When mixed with olive oil, it makes for a fantastic face pack cum massage oil to give you that flawless facial glow that you wish to achieve.

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Olive Oil For Body

olive oil for body

There's one simple cure for those bothersome tiny lines that occur on your body, especially during and after pregnancy. Olive oil is high in vitamin K, which is frequently recognised as a key ingredient to fight with stretch marks. Regular massages with olive oil can help fade away unsightly scars, stretch marks, and even acne scars, resulting in blemish-free skin. Unlike most other store-bought cosmetic products, olive oil is known to restore our skin cells naturally. 

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