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    Applying Sunscreen? Don't Forget These 6 Spots

    Sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from UV rays but you might forget some places. So, here are the spots you shouldn't miss.
    Updated at - 2021-07-29,13:40 IST
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    The most important step in your skincare routine is to apply sunscreen. This will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, slow down the early signs of ageing, prevent cancer, and many more. This is something that we should never forget to apply before stepping out.

    However, remembering to apply sunscreen on your body is not enough. You have to remember to apply it carefully on every part of your body but most of us forget some body parts while applying sunscreen. Therefore, here are some spots that you are probably forgetting to apply sunscreen but it is necessary to put these on your sunscreen radar.


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    While you are stepping out, it is necessary to apply sunscreen on your feet along with other body parts. There are several cases of sunburns on the feet with sandal marks and this can be easily prevented by applying sunscreen on the top of your feet as well as your toes.

    If we are entirely forgetting our feet, then it is surely possible to forget the soul of our feet as well. However, it is important to apply sunscreen on the soul of your feet when there is a possibility of exposure like a day at the beach.

    Neck And Chest

    You obviously apply sunscreen on your face but you are probably forgetting the exposed areas on your neck and chest. These areas are as important as your face and require care as the harmful rays of the sun can cause major damage. This will lead to a leather, sun-damaged chest which is hard to repair and can also lead to skin cancer.


    It is normal to skip your ears while applying sunscreen but it is really important to apply sunscreen before heading out of your home. Whether you have short hair or long hair, there are chances that your ears will be exposed to the sun in one way or the other. Therefore, put sunscreen behind your ears, on the top of your ears, sides, and the bottoms along with any other part that is visible.

    Eyelids And Under Eye Area

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    The skin on your eyelids (a guide to prevent oily eyelids) is just like on any other body part, therefore, it can also get burnt just like the rest of your body. In fact, it is much more sensitive than the rest of your body. Therefore, find a sunscreen specially designed for such delicate spots to avoid any kind of harm to the skin around your eyes.

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    The skin on your lips is extremely delicate as long hours in sun can lead to growth on the outer layers of the lips (tips to get plump lips), therefore, it must be protected. Either get a lip balm with broad-spectrum SPF or apply sunscreen on your lips. However, you need to be conscious as the sunscreen can easily dissolve while eating or drinking.

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    Yes, it is true that even your scalp needs protection from the sun. Therefore, get a multi-tasking oil that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun or get a sunscreen spray. You can also use a hat to protect your scalp and hairline but if you plan to take off your hat at all, then you must apply sunscreen.

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