With the theme of World Toilet Day 2020 being sustainable sanitation and climate change, this year is rather important unlike others given the pandemic and other cropping up diseases and infections that have marred the masses. We are all home and hygiene becomes more important due to that. Hygiene is something that should be second to our nature but it is supposed to be taught in school and at home. However, in many cases, there are a few basics that are still not clear no matter how literate we are. So make sure you are following these 5 basics and if not, start today!

Washing Hands

washing hands wtd

We cannot stress the fact enough on how important it is to wash your hands when you have used the toilet is how important. Some women and many men still do not follow this practice no matter how civilised or hygiene-freak they pretend to be. 

The simple fact that should be kept in mind is that you are carrying germs and if the same hand even mistakenly goes in your mouth, you are inviting trouble. All it takes is 2 minutes. Start by using a liquid soap, avoid soap bars as they are directly touched by many hands, switch on the tap, wet your hands and scrub back and forth on both sides of the hand and then wash again.

Do not wash your hands only with water as it is a completely useless step and you are just wasting it. Keep the tap closed while you are just scrubbing your hands to avoid water wastage. 

Towel Usage

paper twoel

The concept of using the same cloth towel by all in the house is slowly dying. This is because a wet towel attracts bacteria and germs unless the towel remains in direct sunlight that kills germs. Use paper towels or tissues and do not shake hands with anyone while your hands are wet as that too can transmit germs from wet to dry skin. You can also use your own handkerchief if you want to avoid paper towels but spread it to dry in someplace. 

No Hot Air Hand Dryers 

hand air dryer

This machine looks convenient and very cool but it is extremely unhygienic. When this machine blows hot air on your hands it exposes them to bacteria which could include spores and pathogens as per a study published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 

When you flush, the bacteria gets dispersed in the air and this can get deposited on the hands via hand dryers in a bathroom. Stick to your own handkerchiefs or paper towels.

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Hand Sanitiser

hand sanitiser

Always carry a hand sanitiser with you no matter where you are. This step has become a necessity today amid this pandemic and in addition, make sure that it has alcohol in it. In India, we know how important a hand sanitiser is as many public restrooms do not have the facility to clean your hands using a hand wash and even if they do, sometimes the hygiene is questionable. Do not touch doorknobs either once you have used a hand sanitiser and make sure you stick to this practice. 

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Don't Treat Toilet Seat As Your Leisure Place

Many of us spend a long time sitting on the commode, lost in thoughts or reading the paper. But, this habit is in fact rather harmful. Besides putting you at risk for backaches and injuries, as per a 2018 study in the Journal of tissue viability, "prolonged sitting on inadequate surfaces such as a toilet seat can cause a deep tissue injury". Not just that, women can also contract UTI if that toilet seat is used by multiple people. 

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