The coronavirus outbreak has led to a shortage of hand sanitisers all over the world. This is because keeping our hands clean is one of the most important steps we need to take to keep the virus at bay. Washing hands with soap and water all the time isn't possible so keeping a hand sanitiser handy and using it throughout the day is an easy way to protect ourselves. 

Now that hand sanitisers are not easily available in the market, we are understanding its worth. It is an important tool to fight the virus and we can't even imagine what would have happened if there was nothing like a hand sanitiser in the world!

We can't really thank the person who invented hand sanitiser. We have been using hand sanitisers for decades now but are you aware who invented it?

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Around 46 years back, a student nurse named Lupe Hernandez from Bakersfield, California thought about what could be an effective way of cleaning hands when there is no access to soap and water. She thought about what could be used by doctors and nurses before coming in contact with their patients. She then realised that alcohol in gel form can be used for cleaning hands. 

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In the year 2012, The Guardian published an article where they talked about Lupe's life-changing invention. It's been years that she invented a hand sanitiser but very few people know about her. 

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Now after the coronavirus hit that people are going crazy over hand sanitisers, they are thanking the woman who made this invention. 


Netizens are taking over social media and thanking her. Tweets stating, "The story of Lupe Hernandez, the student nurse who, in 1966, realised that if alcohol was in gel form, it could clean hands when people had no access to soap and water and became the inventor of the hand sanitizer," started doing rounds and netizens are remembering the inventor.

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One user wrote, "Hand sanitizer was invented by a woman named Lupe Hernandez. For that, we are eternally grateful."

Another one wrote, "Thankkkkk You Lupe Hernandez 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.  Remembering the Life-Saving Lupe Hernandez, Hand Sanitizer Inventor."


Many didn't know who the inventor of hand sanitisers was and now that they know it, they can't thank her enough. Indeed, we are extremely grateful to the woman for her invention. Its been so many years to this invention but great that we finally recognised it! Hand sanitisers are one of the most demanded hygiene products in the world today. Even big brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton have announced that they will be coming hand sanitisers.