Catching up on your sleep, making time for an 8-hour sleep is something many of us love but when it comes to waking up, early morning is just not there on our time table. It is a struggle to wake up early morning and some even miss out on the alarm that the clock was set on. Unable to wake up on time in the morning is in fact a big sign that you are not getting adequate sleep and that your body definitely is demanding more rest from you. If you are a working person or not, every person has a schedule to stick to in the morning but if we do not wake up on time, how are we going to finish things and make time for anything else? So here is a list of what all can be done and practiced in order to have a night of adequate sleep and also wake up on time. 

It is not just the inability to be able to wake up in the morning but also many other factors that your body tries to tell you when it is not getting enough rest. If you wake up irritated, feel too tired or fatigued, sleep a lot in the daytime or even think that there is a lack of motivation to go on with your day's work then it is high time you sort out your schedule. Nobody wants dark circles, look haggard, or even experience insomnia. So take a look at what is required from you and get on with the routine.  

Bedtime Routine

  • Quit drinking anything which has caffeine, at least 6 hours before sleep time.

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  • Try not to open any mechanism or device which emits blue light as that plays a major role in sleep prevention. Do this at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. 
  • Relax a little before you close your eyes. Read a book or even take a warm bath with a relaxing shower gel. Just stay away from any activity that forces the body to stay awake and causes sleeplessness. 
  • Try sleeping a little less in the day time. 

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Get on a sleep schedule

Monitor how much sleep makes you feel satisfied. Most of us need 7-9 hours of sleep so manage the day accordingly. For example, if you have to wake up by 7 am, hit the sack by 11. Make a sleep schedule not just for the weekdays but for the weekends as well. 

Snoozing The Alarm

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This is a common habit, but the worst one, most of us have. That theory of 10 more minutes feels good at that time but it ruins your pattern. When you sleep in fragments, according to research stated by the website Healthline, "it increases daytime sleepiness and grogginess decreases performance and makes you feel run-down."

So keep your alarm clock away from you so that you have to wake up to turn it off. 

Eating Habits

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Start eating healthy as our diet effects our energy levels a lot. If we eat unhealthy food then it is bound to make us feel more sluggish. Your diet must include fruits, vegetables, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains. 

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Working out on a regular basis not just works on weight loss, body healthy but it also improves our sleep. Those who have insomnia, anxiety and depression, must take to a form of work out as that also releases endorphins that make us feel good. Even dancing for yourself for an hour helps as long as you do it religiously. Exercising is said to help reduce fatigue and increase our energy levels. 

Daylight Exposure

If you are marred by gloominess then it is time to open those blinds, shift the curtains, step into the balcony or go for an early morning walk and expose yourself to the fresh morning light. It will boost your mood and up your energy levels. 

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Professional Help

If nothing is working and you feel that something else is bothering you which prevents you from sleeping then don't deprive yourself of that much-needed relaxing time and seek professional help. Get in touch with a sleep specialist and if it some other issue going on in your life then speak to someone who will not judge you. Speak to someone qualified as they know exactly what they are doing. 

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