Do you love trying street food over different stalls and wish to taste something fresh and new but at the same time, are not a very big fan of spicy food and chilies inside it. Let's have a look at how these chilies give you that burning sensation. There's a complete mechanism that works behind all the spicy foods in the world, about how hot and spicy food in-take triggers a set of chain reactions which causes a burning sensation on the inner walls of your mouth and food-pipe when consumed.

These chilies have some oil-based chemicals, one of which is called capsaicin, that causes this burning sensation to your taste-buds and the respective sensory organs. That's why even if you touch hot spices or chilies, you feel like your hands are burning. Now while trying ultra-spicy food or if you're trying to get your hands-on with some cooking, If you manage to inhale these hot spices or in the worst-case scenario you get some of it in your eye accidentally, you will feel like your eyes are burning. So, unfortunately, if you ever find yourself in that situation you should definitely know some. counter-remedial measures to relieve this burning sensation. Here's taking a look at these measures.

Milk-Based Products

Cool down

Milk-based products are the best way to get rid of the burning sensation after a spicy meal is to consume a chilled glass of milk, yogurt, or any cheese product. Milk constitutes a certain protein known as casein that breaks the oil formation of the chemical capsaicin, which apparently causes a burning sensation, giving relief instantly. In layman's terms, you could consider casein acting as a detergent that gets rid of the bad stuff causing a burning sensation after a spicy meal, relieving the mouth. Any milk-based product will work effectively, it should just have casein. It should particularly be animal milk. It's better to avoid plant-based milk eg. Almond, coconut, or soy milk because plant-based milk lacks casein, which is the main ingredient required. Even animal based dairy products would also work efficiently eg cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese.

Carbonated Drinks/Acidic Food

Cool down acidic

Those who don't prefer dairy products can go for carbonated drinks or acidic foods. Foods such as tomatoes(tomatoes for skin), pineapple, or even lime are acidic in nature, so they may be very effective against the burning sensation caused by hot and spicy food. You can keep these foods along with your spicy main course on the table, as a salad let's say. Okay now let's see how it works, Remember that capsaicin oil-based molecule that gives us the burning sensation? it is basically alkaline in nature, so when you consume something acidic, the acid interacts with the molecule, and capsaicin being alkaline in nature, a neutralizing reaction occurs between the acid and alkaline-based molecule,  therefore nullifying the effect of capsaicin. So next time remember that you gulp a sip of anything sour or have a glass of coke whenever you eat something spicy.

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Cool down starch

Carbs- starch is also a quick remedy against capsaicin, the reason is that the usually comes with a lot of physical volumes. This physical volume acts as an advantage for you to create a barrier between your tongue and the capsaicin molecule. Try putting those sneaky pieces of carbs whenever you feel like you're having a burning sensation in the mouth after a spicy meal. It could be any bread, tortilla. The best option will be boiled rice(recipes to make with overcooked rice) or potatoes and make sure that it must not contain any kind of herbs or spices in it otherwise it would amplify the burning sensation.

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