The bathroom is a very important part of our house. From going in there for getting fresh in the morning to having a relaxing bath after a long day, bathroom is the comfortable space in our homes. However, while you spend a lot of time from your daily routine in the bathroom, did you know that there are some extremely dangerous bathroom mistakes that you might be committing completely unaware of their impact on your health and hygiene? Today, we will list down a few dangerous bathroom mistakes that you may be making and how you can avoid them. 

Overusing A Loofah

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A loofah is a scrub of sorts that is used to rid the body of dead skin cells and dirt. While a lot of us use it on a daily basis as a bathing essential, we are committing a huge mistake there. There are two reasons why loofah should not be overused. The first one is that scrubbing on a daily basis with a loofah can rid the skin of its protective layer. You can limit the practice to twice a week as anything beyond that will be too abrasive for your skin! Secondly, when you use a loofah to clean the dirt and dead skin cells, they may get trapped in the fiber of the loofah and if the loofah is wet for too long, this can even spread bacteria!

Flushing With The Lid Open 

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This the most common, yet the worst mistake that we may be making. If you are flushing without closing the lid of the commode then you are most certainly releasing bacteria in the entire bathroom. What happens is that when you flush, the water that is released is in such a high force that while it pushes the fecal matter and urine inside the commode, it can cause the germs to splatter all across the room causing severe hygiene issues. 

Leaving the Toothbrush In The Open 

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Most of us have a stand in the bathroom near the basin where we keep our toothbrushes, toothpaste, tongue cleaners, etc. The problem with this is a continuation of the previous mistake. When all the germs from the flush are released in the bathroom, they will most likely settle on the bristles of your toothbrushes. Imagine if this sounds so gross, how disgusting would it be to use those toothbrushes? It is better for you to keep the brushes and other such items inside the drawer or cupboard after you have used them. 

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Keeping Your The Soap Near Shower

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Yet another common mistake. What most of us do is that we place our soap bars near the shower so it is convenient to use them. However, all the steam that is released from the shower when you take a bath will result in reducing the life of the soap bar and making it melt faster. It is much more hygienic to either shift to a shower gel or if you are adamant on using a bar, place it away from the shower and get it close only when you have to use it. 

Using Phone In The Bathroom

We can’t emphasize enough on the germs that are co-existing in your bathroom. Trust us and leave your Instagram and Facebook out of the bathroom. This is because all the germs and bacteria will stick to your phone. When you take this phone out of the bathroom, these germs will spread throughout the house. There is a high chance that they may even crawl into your food. 

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We hope we have given you hygiene information that will help you. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such information.