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    Fragrance Of Champa Or Temple Flowers Has These Benefits, Explains Expert

    These benefits of champa flowers or temple flowers will make you buy its aroma oils, candles or plants for your home.
    Updated at - 2021-03-13,17:12 IST
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    There are many flowers out there which have an amazing fragrance but there are some which take us back to old times. Crossing by a certain lane, going to our grandmother's house or at a temple, fragrances are well known for hitting those memories. One such flower is a temple flower which has a soothing and fresh fragrance. But did you know that it has many benefits as well?

    Natasha Tuli the CEO of Soulflower, told HerZindagi that  "temple flower also known as champa in Hindi, is revered across cultures; the flowers are worshipped and are known to inspire spirituality and invoke love. The aroma of this flower is rich, fruity and intensely floral with slightly musky undertones. This scent is used as a top note in perfumes such as Chanel – Coco Eau de Parfum Spray, Ormand Jayne - Frangipani, Gianni Versace – Versace Woman among others. The associations with love, femininity and spirituality and the evocative nature of this scent ensure that the Temple Flower Aroma Oil has a heady and romantic scent that is alluring and soothing to the soul.

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    This scent is an immersive sensory experience that encourages one to slow down, restore harmony and a sense of peace. Its calmative and soporific qualities help you destress and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings while uplifting your spirits. This is an oil that soothes and nourishes not only your body and mind but also your soul.”


    Uses & Benefits

    Room Freshener

    If nothing else, this flower in the form of an aroma flower or a spray or even a candle is excellent as a room freshener. The aroma lingers for a while and helps in getting rid of bad odour. By burning a pure essential aroma oil of temple flowers, you save yourself from those artificial fragrances as well that many room fresheners have. 

    Stress Buster

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    Many use this fragrance while praying in their temple at home or in their meditation corner. It takes away your stress, hitting the right chord of your mind. You can also use candles but oils too work well. Just use a diffuser, top it with some water and a few drops of temple flower oil. Burn a tea light below and wait for a few minutes until the room is fragrant. You could even get a massage done while this fragrance waffles in the air. It makes for an excellent aromatherapy product.

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    If you are one of those who gets distracted very easily, then burning this oil around you is a very good idea. If you can get your hands on car freshener of the same fragrance or simply immerse some button in the oil and water and keep it in the care, you can drive with a better concentration level as well. It helps in concentrating on what you are doing like reading or even meditating. The aroma relaxes your mind and many studies also have shown that some fragrances distract you from negative thoughts as well. 

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    A Natural Aphrodisiac

    The fragrance of this flower actually has the effect of an aphrodisiac. It is liked by both genders and it can stimulate your partner easily.

    Which flower fragrance is your favourite and how do you use it? Stay tuned to HerZindago for more on flowers and aromatherapy.

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