Massaging our head and body is an ancient practice and a traditional remedy for our well being especially in Asia. It has so many benefits that our mothers would make it a point to massage us since the time we were born. The oils used could be any but the most common ones are coconut and sweet almond oil and even mustard oil in some Indian states. However, there is one part of our body that we forget to massage as we grow and that is the belly button.

Surprisingly, there are many reasons why we should be massaging our belly buttons every night before sleeping. As per traditional science, applying oil in our belly buttons heals, corrects and balances our nervous connections in the body. Reason being that it is connected to a "pechoti" gland. However, there is no clinical evidence to the same but our ancestors must have been practicing this for a reason right? There are some changes that I have myself noticed so keep scrolling. 


It is said that a baby and its mother are connected via the belly button. If you oil it daily and massage with care, it is believed to be good for improving fertility in both men and women. It also helps in improving sperm count. 

Upset Stomach

upset stmach oiling bb

Apply a mixture of ginger and mustard oil and apply it on your belly button. This is said to help out in curbing an upset stomach, nausea and bloating. 

Dirt Removal

Cleaning our body while bathing is necessary but do you clean your belly button as well? Apply a bit of oil to it and let it stay for a bit. Clean it after a while and you will notice that that small area can gather a lot of dirt. So make this a regular practice. 


chakras oiling belly button

As per Ayurveda and yoga, our belly button and navel are extremely important. It is said to be the center of our energy. So oiling the belly button is very important as that helps in balancing the chakras

Lip Pigmentation

This one I have practiced myself on the recommendation of a colleague. Applying some coconut oil every night before sleeping on the belly button lightens your lips but it does take some time. It took some days and I started seeing the result. So I can say that this nuskha definitely worked for me. But each body reacts differently so you have to try and test.

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Joint Pains

An aching joint is a phenomenon that starts troubling us in due course of time as we age. However, there are a few practices that can slow down the process like exercise and eating healthy, going for daily walks and taking care of ourselves. One more routine that is said to be effective when added is oiling the belly button. It is believed that using castor oil can help in relieving the symptoms and deal with the pain in a better way. 

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Sanitise your hands before you apply the oil and test it before as you may be allergic to some oil option. If it itches, you will know. Consult your doctor if you want to in case you are not sure or best, consult an ayurvedic doctor. 

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