Tea is almost like the unofficial national beverage for Indians, we all love tea so much that a lot of people gulp down this magic potion as many times as they can. The milk tea prepared in our country has a very unique and lasting taste and thus people around the country are crazy for it. 

This is why a lot of people who are lazy prepare tea beforehand and then reheat it for drinking later on. However, reheating tea can be harmful as depicted by a lot of researches but if you still don’t believe us. Here are some detailed reasons why drinking tea that has been reheated is not a good idea.

Why Do We Reheat Tea?

reheating tea

As we said, people reheat tea as there are a lot of advantages they see in it. For one, brewing tea, saving it for later and then reheating it saves a lot of energy, money and for two, it is known to reduce our carbon footprint.

But over the years, these advantages have taken a back seat as people have started talking about the overpowering drawbacks of reheating the brewed beverage. Here are some points that support this information. 

The Taste & Smell Get Hindered

The first and foremost important disadvantage of reheating tea is that the heat steals all the taste and aroma that lures us to drink this beverage. Not only that, but reheating can also help a lot of nutritional properties to escape and causes further blandness in the taste, etc. 

Microbial Growth

reheating tea

What happens is that if you leave tea for over 4 hours and then are planning to drink it after reheating, then you must stop immediately. Leftover tea starts developing microbes like mould and bacteria and this can harm your health big time. 

Further, the tea that we Indians drink, the one with milk, has an even higher rate of development of microbes. Talking about herbal teas, they lose all their nutrients and minerals that make them beneficial in overheating.  Further, teas are filled with essential oils, labile and a lot of other compounds that escape them when a lot of heat is exposed to them. 

May Cause Illness

Drinking reheated tea can turn out to be very dangerous as all the minerals and good compounds take an exit when we heat it again and thus drinking this turns out to be perilous.

If you do not quit this habit of reheating tea(what is boba tea) then your health might become vulnerable and problems like upset stomach, diarrhoea, cramps, inflammation, nausea along major digestive issues may erupt frequently. This could eventually damage your health big time.

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Tannins Are Released

Tea (benefits of soyabean tea)that has been left for a very long time is subject to give rise to the release of a lot of tannins that further lead to a bitter taste. This might in addition, not be optimal for people who do not like a strong taste.

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Important Things To Know

reheating tea

  • You can reheat till after 15 minutes of preparing it as it may still not have become so toxic.
  • Further, you should keep in mind to never reheat tea that has been kept for longer than 4 hours as this may be very harmful.
  • Next, you should prepare only as much tea as you would require immediately do not try and save money or energy on the cost of your health.

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