Alum or fitkari, is one of the most commonly used after-shave solutions in India for over centuries now but do you know it is blessed with several other medicinal benefits as well? Well, you find many of its uses mentioned in Ayurveda which includes healing all kinds of diseases as it contains potassium aluminium sulphate.

Apart from this, people also use it to clean their houses by mixing it in water. Alum is also amazing for hair, teeth, and skin and is a great thing to use during these times of corona as it is being said that you will less chances of contracting the virus if you consume alum water. Today, we are going to tell you more about some of its amazing uses. 

Cleans Your Head

health benefits of alum or fitkari ()

During summers, the head is prone to dirt and pollution resulting in problems like lice and smelly head. Alum is the best solution to clean lice and dirt from your head. For this, get a bucket full of water with alum in it overnight. Then wash your hair with the same water in the morning. This way the chemical properties of alum will get into the water and will cleanse your hair completely while also allowing you to get rid of lice.

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If wrinkles have started to show on your face, then clean it with alum water every morning and massage it with alum every night. This will eliminate wrinkles or any possibility of it thereafter. You can also immerse a large piece of cloth in alum water and gently clean your face with it. After some time wash your face with some clean water. It clears the dirt off your face. 

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Reduces Sweating

health benefits of alum or fitkari ()

Alum can also be helpful in controlling sweat. If you sweat excessively, bathe in alum water and you will notice the difference soon after. It is also present in most of the deodrants these days as it has anti-bacterial properties that can help get rid of bacteria that causes bad smell. 

Bleeding Gums

Alum is a panacea remedy even there is a problem of bleeding from gums. To get rid of this problem, rinse your mouth with alum water and you’ll notice the results. Alum has anti-bacterial properties and also relieves from toothache and stench of the mouth. 

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Relieve From Urine Infection

Women often face the problem of urine infection during summers. This mostly happens due to dehydration and lack of water in the body. To get rid of this problem, clean your private parts with alum water twice a day. Apart from this, bathing in alum water regularly will also help you in getting some relief.

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