To give you a travel solution for and for all here are some cool travel tips that you can and you should use if you love travelling but are always tight on the budget. Travel is almost everyone's hobby these days but the problem arises when you have to spend your hard earned savings on it. Take a look at this article and see how you can manage to travel around the country on a low budget.

Travel Off-Season 

budget travel tips

Well if you are looking forward to saving big time while traveling then perhaps we have just the right advice for you. Visit the places you want to but in the off season. Like for a hill station, you want to visit the ideal season would be in winters so try to visit that place in the summers or beginning of fall. This will help you save a lot of money. Actually, when the peak season of a place comes, the people increase the prices of their services right from hotel stay to toad side food stalls all use this method to gain profits and if you travel out of season you will successfully be able to travel in a small budget.

Pre-book Your Air Tickets

budget travel tips

It is always wiser to have a plan of action while traveling(travel during the pandemic) in a small budget. When you have all the money in the world you can travel and available services that you want budget when you're a restricted budget you should stick to a proper plan and do complete research about the place you are cist after this, making before hand bookings of flights, etc can serve as another option that can help you travel in a budget.  Other than that, you can go ahead and compare the prices online and book the one that seems to be lowly priced on a particular day.

Opt For Public Transport 

budget travel tips

The more you'll embrace public transport throughout your trip, the more bucks you'll tend to save. For instance, whenever you plan to do intercity travel within the country or places which are well connected and accessible by land, always go for buses or trains rather than opting for air travel. It will save you loads and loads of money. Think of it this way, an overnight train or bus journey will help you save money by getting rid of that additional night stay at the hotel. And also train and bus fare is significantly cheaper than that of an airplane journey.

Now, when you are in a town and wish to stroll around the city, avoid private cabs or taxis because the fare can be insanely overpriced depending upon the country or city you are in. By doing this you can save money with a huge margin which you can spend on other things. Instead of relying on private cabs or taxis, go for public transport options like the subway metro, shared bus or cabs, etc. You'll also get an opportunity to explore the world around you better by opting for public transport within the city. Save a lot of money by spending less on food and by sharing a bed in a dormitory rather than staying in a hotel room

Spend Little Cash On Food

You can do this by simply avoiding expensive restaurants and cafes. Cheap lunches can be bought in a local street food market or you can also buy groceries from the supermarket and cook your own meal at the hotel, which will not shed your wallet as much. If you stay in dormitories at a hostel, they may offer access to a spare kitchen where you can do the cooking. Also, you should take some time out to wander around the city in order to find an affordable place where you can eat dinner.

If you spend some time to stroll around and check out a few eateries, you'll definitely end up finding a good and affordable place for you to eat. As we already talked about dormitories and hostels providing a spare kitchen, It's also advised that you make your stay at one of these hostels and share a bed in a dormitory rather than staying in a much expensive hotel room. It will be cut the cost by hundreds to thousands of rupees and also give you an opportunity to meet new people and socialize better.

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Earn On Your Trips

budget travel tips

With increasing travel trends, it has become an easier option to earn while you travel. All you have to do is start creating original and good quality content, which can be in form of a blog, photo, video, etc. and after you have a good following on social media you can be an influencer. This will help you bring in brands that are looking for representatives. Brands offer you free trips or pay you to click pictures and videos for them.  This is a long process but if you are really enthusiastic about travelling then you will get there soon.

So, happy travels!

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