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    Planning To Travel By Train During Pandemic? Keep These Dos And Donts In Mind

    Recently, Maharashtra government issued new train travel guidelines where passengers need to present a COVID negative report on arrival.
    Updated at - 2020-12-21,14:45 IST
    pandemic train travel dos donts

    The pandemic is still here but let's just say that we have all started to take it lightly. After months of being quarantined at home, so many of us are trying to make it back to normalcy. Travel doesn't look like a dream anymore. 

    With the government lifting restrictions over travel guidelines, so many of us are planning to head for a vacay. Travelling, however, is no longer the same. Things have changed for real and there are a lot of guidelines that one needs to keep in mind to ensure a safe and smooth journey. 

    If you are planning to travel by train anytime soon then this guide is for you. 

    Know Your State Guidelines

    Different guidelines have been issued for different states which include presenting a COVID test at the entry among others. If you are planning to travel to Maharashtra, here is what you need to know.

    Passengers Travelling To Maharashtra

    Those travelling to Maharashtra from Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Goa need to present a COVID negative report from 25th November. All the train travellers should get the test within 96 hours of their travel in the state according to the new rules issued by the Maharashtra government. 

    Those not carrying a test negative report will be screened for symptoms and body temperature at the railway stations. Passengers who don't have any symptoms will be allowed to go home. Passengers who test positive will be sent to COVID care centers.

    There are many states where passengers just need to undergo thermal screening. 

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    Arrive On Time

    Due to the pandemic, you need to reach the railway station way before your train's departure time. The suggested time for the passengers to arrive at the departure station is 90 minutes. This is because the passengers need to follow a lot of guidelines at the station, including social distancing, thermal screening among others. 

    Carry Your Own Essentials

    train travel essentials

    You should be carrying your own essentials like water, food, blanket among others. Stalls may not be open at station platforms. It is best to carry your own water and food to ensure safety. IRCTC also offers ready to eat meals that can be purchased while you are on board. 

    For long train journeys, IRCTC will no longer provide towels, blankets, and pillows due to the pandemic. If you are travelling for a long journey, make sure you carry your own small pillow, hand towels, and blanket along. 

    Other Important Things To Keep In Mind

    train travel pandemic

    • All passengers need to download Aarogya Setu mobile app on their smartphones. 
    • Social distancing needs to be maintained throughout the train journey. 
    • Make sure you cover your face at the railway station and during your train journey. 
    • You must have a sanitiser handy with you all the time. Spritz some sanitiser before touching a surface or before having your meal. 
    • For the restroom, you can carry soap, disinfectant spray, and towel along. 
    • After reaching your destination, make sure you change all your clothes and wash the used ones using disinfecting soap. 
    • It is best to isolate yourself for a few days after reaching the destination to prevent the spread of infection. 

    We hope this guide helps you plan your train travel better. If unnecessary, it is best to postpone your travel plans during the pandemic to prevent the risk of infection. 


    Have you planned via train all these months? If yes, how has been your experience? Share with us. For more such stories, stay tuned! 


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