As the holidays are approaching, most of us are preparing for that much-awaited holiday that we missed due to the lockdown. The tedious days of the lockdown have rendered every one with monotony and boredom that all of us want to get rid of and the easiest way out is travelling during the New year. But unfortunately, the pandemic is still not over and travelling makes us more vulnerable to the virus. 

Therefore we must try to refrain from travelling and in case we are opting to spent our vacations out of the town, here are some important things to keep in mind while doing that.  So, take a look.

Questions To Ask Before You Leave:

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Is the destination that I have chosen for the vacation safe?

It is extremely important to do a virtual tour of the place you're travelling. And make sure you are not going to a place that is seriously affected by the virus. 

The people you are travelling with, are they safe? 

To enjoy your holidays, doing a rain check on the plans, again and again, is not at all stupid. In fact, you must reconsider your plans if you are travelling with very young children(things to keep in mind before travelling with kids) or very elderly members of your family. It is absolutely not advisable and wise to travel with them. As they have the chances of catching the infection the most.

Book Your Stay Before Hand

Booking your stay from a reputed website helps you ensure more safety. Renowned brands who are willing to revive their business, are offering great discounts and following all safety guidelines to keep the virus at bay. Plus, this will male the trip less bumpy and you would have the exact location of the place where you have to stay. So, this will prevent you from roaming uselessly around a place you don't know much about.

Get A COVID-19 Test 

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It is the best way to protect yourself and others. So, make sure to get a COVID-19  test done before leaving and after returning from the trip. Keep a copy of the test reports along with you to show wherever needed.

Do Not Eat Outside

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It is better to carry your own food while travelling. Buying food from stalls and eateries could increase the risk of virus transmission. Further, if you want to dine in somewhere go for renowned brands of restaurants and food places, take all the necessary precautions, from sanitizing your hands before and after eating to washing them if required.  Plus, make sure to maintain social distancing with others and ask the management of the restaurant to sanitize your table before you be seated there.

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Some Do's And Don't s To Keep In Mind

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While it has been repeated several times, it is still essential for you to follow the below mentioned do's and don't s:

  • Maintain a minimum distance of about 2 meters(6 feet) with others while travelling.
  • Do not touch handrails, elevators and other frequently touched areas.
  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Avoid touching your mouth, face and eyes.
  • And also restrict cash or card payments, go for cashless methods.
  • Wash your hands frequently, and keep a sanitizer with you to use every half an hour.
  • Use latex gloves and face shields to ensure better protection.
  • Wear a PPE kit before taking longer journeys.
  • Get screen tests done before entering any place, to keep a check on your body temperature.
  • Carry disinfectant sprays to spray before getting seated in a public place or conveyance. 
  • Cover your bags with a plastic cover and take them off before keeping them inside your room. Then use them again to cover your bags and take them out before taking them inside your homes.

If you make sure that these guidelines and precautions are followed, then you will be able to combat the Coronavirus(carry these things while travelling during the Pandemic) and will also be able to have a great trip.

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