Nothing like exploring a new place by road. Enjoying the soft breeze as you pass through different gems with your windows down, listening to your favourite music and enjoying some quality time with your friends and family. Road trips are so much fun and if you are planning to hit the road this holiday season here we have a guide for you. 

As much as fun it is to go on a road trip, it is one big task to pack for it. You head to have a special trip with your friends and family and you don't want anything to go wrong. Here are a few things you shouldn't forget to pack for your next road trip.

Phone Chargers

You can't miss this one at all. All the way through your journey, you will be busy capturing special moments, pictures and videos that will stay with you forever. Don't forget to pack your charger. You can also pack a dual USB car charger or a multi charger that fits in your car.

Drinks Cooler

If you are travelling to a hot place, make sure you keep a cooler in the car. You can store in your water bottles and soft drinks in the cooler. 

Snacks Box/ Bag

road trip snacks

Get a snack organiser, you can get a big bag or a big storage box to keep all the snacks in place. Store your nibbles in the box. You can make small boxes and store dry fruits, wafers, nuts so that everything is easy to access. 

Emergency Kit

You can never head out for a road trip without an emergency car kit. The car manual kit is helpful, you never know when you need it while you are driving through a remote location and can't connect to any service center. 

Medical Kit

Always carry a medical kit in the car. The kit should have pain killers, motion sickness medicine, bandage, antibacterial lotion. 

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Travel Documents 

Keep all the necessary car documents in your vehicle before heading for the road trip. Keep the travel insurance documents, this will be helpful if you get stuck in some emergency situation. 

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Torch is another essential thing you need to keep in your car while you are on a road trip. Also, keep extra batteries of the torch. You may need it during your road trip.


music for road trip

Your road trip is incomplete without some good music. Don't forget to get your own music playlist in a pendrive or a CD. You may not always have a radio connection so its better to have your own music. 

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Hand Sanitiser/ Mosquito Repellent

road trip india options

Hand sanitisers, mosquito repellents are a must to keep in your car if you are going for a road trip. Whenever you stop the car for a little meal, you can put yourself at the risk of germs so best to get a hand sanitiser. You don't want mosquitoes to ruin your trip so keep a repellent handy for all.

Garbage Bag

Cleaning up the car after reaching the destination is a tough task so keep a big garbage bag in the car. Throw all the garbage at one place and then dispose it on reaching. Easy and clean!