Ever since the Miss Universe pageant began in the year 1952, the winners are bestowed with a crown made using world's most precious materials, including diamonds. It was the 70th edition of the pageant this year and to date, 10 crowns have been passed on to the winners. 

Recently, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu made India proud by winning the title. Her Miss Universe crown is one of the most talked about things today. So, we thought of quickly taking you through some lesser known facts about Miss Universe crown.

Miss Universe Crown 2021 

Reportedly, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu's crown is one of the most expensive Miss Universe crowns to date. This year's Miss Universe crown costs a whopping USD 2,50,000. It roughly translates to INR 1.89 Crores. 

This year's Miss Universe crown was designed by Mouawad Jewelry. The designers created the Miss Universe 2021 crown with a special message. This year's crown carried a special message, the power of unity. The craftsmanship symbolised the community of women from all over the world.

The crown is made with 18-carat-gold and hand-set with 175 white diamonds and three golden canary diamonds as per a report by newsnine.

The Evolution Of Miss Universe Crown 

Initially, Miss Universe crowns were prepared using pearls and rhinestones. However, more recently, Miss Universe crowns are prepared using diamonds. 

Romanov Imperial Nuptial Crown

miss universe crown evolution

This was the first ever crown given to the Miss Universe. Finland's Armi Kuusela won the title in the year 1952. The crown was prepared using 1535 flawless diamonds. The crown was used only for 1 year. 

Metal Bronze Crown

This crown was quite different from the diamond loaded crown which was used in the year 1952. In the year 1953, Christiane Martel of France was bestowed a crown made of metallic bronze crown. This one didn't have any crystals. Miss Universe 1953 was the only winner to have worn the crown.

Star Crown 

This was a very special crown for the Miss Universe pageant because this one had a star shape on the top. The crown was named, 'Star Of The Universe'. This crown was made using 1000 oriental cultured and black pearls set in gold and platinum. It weighed around 1.25 pounds. The crown was believed to be of the value USD 5,00,000. The crown was used from 1954 to 1960.

miss universe crown all

The Rhinestone Crown

In the year 1961, the pageant celebrated the 10th anniversary. For the same, a special crown was made. The Rhinestone crown was worn by Marlene Schmidt from Germany and Norma Nolan from Argentina. 

The Conventry Crown

This one was one of the most popular crowns of the pageant. It was created by popular jeweller Sarah Conventry. She revamped the Rhinestone Crown which had a female figure in the center. It was also known as the Lady Crown.

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The Chandelier Crown 

In the year 1973, the Conventry Crown was modified for the winner for better comfort. It was used till the year 2001. 

Mikimoto Crown 

This Miss Universe crown had 500 diamonds which weighed almost 30 carats. It had 120 South Sea and Akoya pearls. The crown valued at USD 250000. The crown was used from 2002 to 2007 and from 2017 to 2018. 

CAO Crown

Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela won the title and the CAO crown in the year 2008. It had 1000 precious stones.

Diamond Nexus Crown

This Miss Universe crown was used from 2009 to 2013. It was designed by Diamond Nexus Labs and had 1371 gemstones.

DIC Crown

dic crown miss universe

DIC Crown is called one of the most iconic Miss Universe crown to date. It was reportedly inspired by the New York cityscape. It featured 5 big topaz stones, 198 sapphires, 311 diamonds, 33 translucent Bohemian crystals.

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Mouawad Crown

The Power Of Unity Crown is being used since 2019. Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu was bestowed with the same crown this year. 

Miss Universe Crown Can't Be Taken Home

The Miss Universe crown is quite expensive and it can't be really taken back home by the winner of the pageant. The crown is reused for several years before being replaced. The crown is more like an investment by the Miss Universe brand. For the Miss Universe winner, the crown is more like a loan which she gets to wear on special occasions. 

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