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    Dhanteras 2021: Astrologer Shares Puja Vidhi, Dos And Don'ts For The Day

    Follow this quick guide by astrology expert while doing Dhanteras puja at home this year. 
    Published -26 Oct 2021, 09:00 ISTUpdated -26 Oct 2021, 09:41 IST
    dhanteras  puja vidhi by astrologer

    Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2nd November this year. 'Teras' in the word Dhanteras means 13 and this is why the festival is celebrated on the 13th day of the Kartik month of the Krishna Paksha every year. 

    Do you know why we buy gold and new goods for our homes on this day? It is believed that the festival brings along a lot of prosperity to our homes. Whatever goods we purchase on this day is believed to bring us a lot of profit and other benefits. 

    Dhanteras Puja Vidhi

    Dhanteras puja is performed during the evening. The puja celebrates the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi to our homes. We asked Astrologer Sonia Malik to share an easy puja vidhi for Dhanteras 2021.

    On a clean, red cloth, place the idol of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Place a kalash with coconut and betel leaves on the top. 

    Prepare a mix of rice and kumkum and make a swastik on the kalash with it. 

    dhanteras lod ganesha

    Light a lamp and offer flowers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. 

    Like aforementioned, most people buy gold on this day and if you buy any then puja should be performed for it too. (gemstones you should buy on dhanteras)

    In a bowl, add chana dal and any gold item you have purchased on Dhanteras. This chana dal should be then given to anyone in need the next day. 

    However, if you haven't purchased any gold on this day then you can use any gold item which you already have and clean it well. Again, place it in a bowl or tray and cover it with chana dal which should be later given to someone in need. 

    While performing Lakshmi Puja at home, you should be using a silver bowl if you have one. If you have silver coins, you should place them near the idol of Goddess Lakshmi. After the Puja, you can keep them in your bag or almirah.

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    Yamraj Puja

    The expert further shared that not only do we worship Goddess Lakshmi on this day but also Lord Yamraj to prevent ourselves from 'Akaal mrityu' or premature death. 

    For the same, you should light a big lamp outside your home in the name of Lord Yamraj. 

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    Do's And Don'ts To Be Followed On Dhanteras 

    dhanteas puja  dos donts

    • Chant 'Shree' and 'Shree Lakshmiaay namah' while praying to Goddess Lakshmi on this day. 
    • Make sure you take a bath first thing in the morning on the day of Dhanteras. 
    • Avoid wearing black and blue clothes on this festival. Pick for red, yellow coloured clothes instead. They are considered auspicious. 
    • Grind rice and turmeric powder together to get a coarse mixture. Use this to make a swastik on the main entrance of your house. 
    • Prepare any sweet dish at home and offer it as bhog to Goddess Lakshmi at home.
    • Dhanteras indicates the number 13 and this is why one must light atleast 13 lamps in their homes during puja to please Goddess Lakshmi. 
    • One should spend money on the day of Dhanteras as it is believed to bring back profits. However, it isn't a great idea to borrow money or pay back a loan on this day as it is considered inauspicious. 
    • Don't buy steel, iron, aluminuim or glass products on this day. 
    • Performing puja on Dhanteras and its following three days is believed to bring in a lot of luck and wealth. 


    We hope this quick guide to do puja at home on Dhanteras if helpful. For more such stories around the festive season, stay tuned! 


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