2020 is soon coming to an end. As we enter the last month of the year, we are all excited to know what does December has in store for us. Will things change for any good for your zodiac sign?

Here is a monthly horoscope prediction by Pandit Manish Sharma. Read on to know. 


December horoscope aries

This month will be a mix of good and bad for this sun sign. If you are new to work then you will face a lot of new changes in the coming days. There are chances that employed people may get to a transfer or get to travel for work. You may also have arguments with your seniors which will keep you tense. 

If you are into the trading business, you will get a lot of benefits. If you had debt then you will be able to repay it. In terms of health, you need to be a little careful. Pay attention to the food you are eating. 

If you are in a love relationship then you may get into a dispute with your partner. 


This last month of December will be great for this zodiac sign. If you have been looking for a job, good opportunities may come your way. However, financially, you may suffer a crisis. If you had planned to save money this month then it may be difficult. If you are married, you will get less time to spend with your partner. If you are in love, you will get an opportunity to spend a good time with your partner. It is a good time to organise a religious event in the house to see positive changes. Do take care of your health and do yoga. 


December gemini

If you are working, you may face obstacles due to your colleagues at your work place. If you are into business then think before you get into any partnership as disputes may arise later. Financially, it may not be a great month for you as the expenses may be higher. This can further lead to a lot of mental stress. 

If you are married, you will get a good amount of time to spend with your partner. Spend some time with your partner and family and keep your mind stress-free. 


If you have been planning to change your job for long now then this is the time. You may feel mentally stressed due to overwork. Financially, you may feel stronger. There are chances you get profit from an old investment. Don't ignore your health. Those who are married or in a love affair will get a good time to spend with their partner. Things will remain positive in the family. 

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December leo horoscope

This is a great month for Leos. If you are employed, there are chances that you get promoted this month. If you are into business, new opportunities will come your way which would help you earn more money. You will be able to reduce your daily expenses and end up saving a good amount of money. Do not ignore your health this month. If you feel unwell, do consult the doctor. You may get an opportunity to meet a close relative after a long time during December. 


Make sure you think well before doing anything this month. One wrong decision can land you in trouble. This month may offer a lot of challenges from the money point of view. Make sure you keep your anger in control and focus more on your health or you may face a lot of problems ahead. If you are married, you may face issues with your spouse. Keep yourself ready for a lot of ups and downs this month. 


December libra horoscope

December would be a great month for this zodiac sign. You will get a lot of new job opportunities. You may also get new ways to earn money. This would be a great month for you economically. Make sure you spend your money wisely. Take care of your health, eat healthy, nutritious food. Also, take care of your partner's health. 


It would be a mix of good and bad things for this sun sign this month. You will get a lot of success at work place. Make sure you keep a good connection with your colleagues and seniors at work place. There are chances that you get an increment this month. Economically, things may not be great and this could lead to mental stress. Do keep a check on your health, get a regular checkup done. Those in a love affair may suffer problems with their partner. Married couples may also suffer from increased misunderstandings. 

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December saggitarius horoscope

This month will be great in terms of your professional life. You may get a new job opportunity, just what you had been waiting for a long time. Those into the business will also get good results. Financially, you will be able to strike a balance between your savings and expenses. If you are in a relationship, you should stop doubting your partner. This month will be great for married people as they may get some good news. 


Things may not go very smooth for you this month. You may suffer from issues at your work place. However, make sure you don't over stress yourself. Do what makes you happy. Take care of your health, eat healthy food, and eat on time. You will get full support from your parents and partner this month. 

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December aquarius

If you have been planning to shift to a new house, this is a good time. This is also a good month to switch your job if you have been wanting to. Businessmen will get new opportunities to earn money. Financially, it would be a good month for you. You may also get a good profit from an old investment. 


Make sure you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. If you are into business, you will get good profits this month. Financially, you will feel stronger and will be able to save more money. Do focus on your health. If you are in a love affair, this is a good time to tell your family about it. Married people should gift their partner a special gift this month. 

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