The year is almost about to end and we are all waiting for a fresh beginning. However, in order to work on what’s coming next year, we must look into our near futures. That’s why we bring you weekly horoscope for the upcoming week, from 30 November to 6 December predicted by Ujjain's most famous pandit, Jyotishacharya Manish Sharma. 


Moon will improve income and eliminate uncertainties from your life. The disputed cases will be solved and family is likely to receive good news.  There is no prospect of any work getting worst, also, you will be able to overcome the problem caused by the secret enemy. You may meet some prominent people in the upcoming week. Stay cautious on Friday and Saturday, as lack of conversation, and misunderstandings can hamper the work.

  • Profession: On the professional front, you will be able to please the heads and the business will progress.
  • Education: You will have success and will also remain ahead in your class. 
  • Health: There will be problems such as headache and stress. You may also experience pain in the abdomen.
  • Love Life: Any tension between you and your partner will be resolved. 
  • What To Do: Chant ram name 108 times.


You will have an interest in religious works, and may also receive money. The force of the opponents will be weakened and you will be successful in all your tasks from Sunday to Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be your lucky days. Income and accumulated wealth will increase. The rest of the days will be better than normal. You may receive your money back that you gave to someone.  

  • Profession: There are chances of a business trip next week. You can also succeed in achieving any goal in the job.
  • Education: Your projects will be successful and you will receive help from friends. Your teachers will also be happy.
  • Health: There may be problems in the toes and teeth. You will sleep better. 
  • Love Life: There may experience a slight dispute with your partner. Marital life will be normal.
  • What To Do: Pour raw milk on the Shivling.


You will do a lot of unnecessary expenditure and may also experience an interruption in work. The situation will improve from the morning of Wednesday. But there can be haste, which will be harmful. Will not get the benefit of the contacts. Believe in your hard work. There will be pleasant news over the weekend. Income will also increase.

  • Profession: Business will be systematic and at the job, you may have to work more than expected.
  • Education: You will be successful in activities other than studies. 
  • Health: You may experience pain in the abdomen and back. May also have difficulty in the respiratory system.
  • Love Life: Your relationship with your partner will improve and the marital melody will continue.
  • What To Do: Visit Lord Krishna. 


You will have a good income next week and will also remain happy. Success will be achieved in every task. You may also go on a trip. However, in the middle of the week, you may face some difficulty. With the reduction in income, there will be an unnecessary expenditure, but the successes will increase again after Friday. There will be some good news over the weekend.

  • Profession: Problems related to professional life will be eliminated and you will perform better at the job.
  • Education: Other than studies, your focus will increase in yoga and astrology. 
  • Health: You may experience issues related to venereal diseases 
  • Love Life: You will be able to convince your angry partner, whereas marital life will be pleasant.
  • What To Do: Listen to Lord Hanuman’s Sunderkand.


Be fully vigilant on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Beware of outsiders and protect your valuable possessions. Do not leave the house alone. You will have a good income in the remaining days. You may get your stuck money back on Wednesday or Friday. You will complete your work on time and will also receive cooperation from friends.

  • Profession: Beware of unknown traders. Your head at the job may remain strict.
  • Education: Projects and assignments will be successful and you will be able to achieve the target. You will perform well in the class.
  • Health: There can be a problem in the skin and waist. Possibility of urinary disorders.
  • Love Life: There will be cooperation from your partner and may spend a good time with your spouse.
  • What To Do: Light ghee lamps under peepal tree on Saturdays.


Remain cautious for the first two days. Avoid controversies and be careful. From Tuesday, things will go back to normal. You may receive good news, whereas tension will be eliminated. You will also have the opportunity to join religious works. Thursday and Friday will be lucky for new tasks. With the increase in income, new works will also be achieved.

  • Profession: There will growth and you will be appreciated at the job.
  • Education: You will do better in the classroom.
  • Health: You may have skin issues, alongside facing problems in the abdomen and waist.
  • Love Life: You will spend a good time with your partner, whereas, marital life will be pleasant.
  • What To Do: Offer lotus to Lord Lakshmi. 


Starting of the week will be good. You will have success, alongside income growth. You may receive some exciting new work. However, there may be disruption and unnecessary difficulties in the work on Tuesday and Wednesday. There may be disputes with neighbours. The good time will begin on Thursday.

  • Profession: You will experience growth both in business and job.
  • Education: You will succeed in completing unfinished work. May also top the class.
  • Health: Foot pain and lung problems can occur.
  • Love Life: You may face issues in your life. Marital relationship will be strong.
  • What To Do: Offer belpatra and coconut to Lord ShivaLibr.



You will be able to suppress your opponents, yet the mind can remain depressed. There will be unnecessary concerns. Tuesday will be a good day, but Wednesday and Thursday may have problems. You may remain annoyed during the upcoming week may also have less income. There would be hurdles in the work. But, from Friday, luck will be on your side. 

  • Profession: At the job, you will do well and make the boss happy. The business will be successful and will have new deals.
  • Education: Studies will be smooth and performance in the classroom would be better than others.
  • Health: Other than skin problems you may also have pain in your back. 
  • Love Life: Love life can be frustrating. Marital life can also become tense.
  • What To Do: Pray to the Sun by offering water. 


You will receive cooperation and happiness from your children. You will also have success in work and will defeat your enemies. You may feel like trying new things, but avoid investment at this point. Other than success in any task, you will have a good income. On Friday and Saturday avoid controversies and be careful while driving. Negligence in work may be overwhelming.

  • Profession: You will profit in business and will achieve set goals at the job. 
  • Education: Do not be lazy. Other than this, you will get new opportunities. 
  • Health: You may have a pain in the hand. 
  • Love Life: There will be cooperation from your partner and marital relations will be cordial.
  • What To Do: - Offer milk to Lord Ganesha. 


The week may start with difficulty. There would be hurdles in getting the desired success. The mind can remain depressed towards the work. You will have an inflow of money, and will also receive long-awaited payments. You will have an interest in religious works. This week will be spectacular for women.

  • Profession: Business travel can be there. The unemployed can get jobs.
  • Education: You will be successful and happy as studies will remain good.
  • Health: You may get hurt on your eyes, thumb or nails. 
  • Love Life: You will meet your partner. People of this zodiac will be satisfied in marital life.
  • What To Do: Light oil lamp to Lord Hanuman. 

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The starting of the week will be good. Success will be achieved in the work. On Wednesday and Thursday, you may experience a father-son dispute. While you may discover some secrets from the past, your ego and pride can cause humiliation to others. There will also be a lot of expenditure, but income will also remain good from Friday. You may get big responsibilities to handle. Your family will be happy, as there will be calmness and satisfaction at the work.

  • Profession: While this may a busy week at business, job holders will experience dispute.
  • Education: Studies will be systematic and you will get praises from your teacher. 
  • Health: You may experience cough, cold or even respiratory problems.
  • Love Life: Proposals will be accepted. Marital life will be calm and happy. 
  • What To Do: Offer ladoo (easy and healthy ladoo recipe)  to Lord Ganesha. 


The beginning of the week will be good. Tuesday and Wednesday will be lazy for you. You may receive support and good news from children and brothers to do new things. The dispute is likely to be on Friday afternoon and Saturday, therefore be careful. This will lead to low income, and your opponents will also try to dominate.

  • Profession: Job growth and business growth will be there. 
  • Education: Will succeed in completing unfinished work. May also become topper in the study.
  • Health: Foot pain and lung problems (signs of unhealthy lungs) can occur.
  • Love Life: Partner will have a cordial relationship. Marital relationship will be strong.
  • What To Do: Utter Govind, Narayan, Vasudeva’s names for108 times.

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