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Festive Season Makeup: Eye Looks As Per Zodiac Signs

If you want to look good with your eyes doing the talking this festive season then go for some different eye makeup. Choose according to your sun sign...
Published - 05 Oct 2020, 14:00 ISTUpdated - 05 Oct 2020, 15:00 IST
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Get ready with these eye makeup looks this festive season, as per your zodiac sign.

1Fire Sign: Aries

sinyvisagie instagram
aries makeup

The first sign in the 12 zodiacs exudes a very dynamic and temperamental quality in the first meeting. The best eye makeup for this sign would be a metallic blue one which accentuates the depth of their eyes. Apply a light shade in the inner corners of the eyes and on the outer crease go a little dark. In the middle, apply a metalic blue shade and blend well. Compkete with some kohl and don't forget to layer the lashes with a mascara. 

2Fire Sign: Leo

orange makeup

This sign love seeking attention and likes to be the centre of it all. Bright eye makeup would go best with this sign with a touch of orange and yellow to add some drama. No you don't have to go saffron. Just dab a bit of yellow-white in the inner corners of your eyes and blend out with a deep orange on the outer crease. The eye hoods can have a dash of yellow. Some kodl and mascara wil definitely complete the look. 

3Fire Sign: Sagittarius

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sagi makeup

This zodiac signs likes a bit of mystery, not as much as pisces but they definitely like to act as out of reach individuals at first. However, this sign is the in the end of the 3 fire signs when the fire is about to burn out. A dash of purple, pink and blue, blended well would look great when worn with a subtle outfit for the festive season. Well done eyes, great perfume that exudes your personality, and some nice jewellery are enough to jazz up the simplest of outfits. 

4Water Sign: Cancer

beautyaestheticblog instagram
cancer makeup

Water signs are slightly cool but with a lot of depth and mystery. The people undr these signs have a way with people. They are known to be borderline psychic and lean towards sensuality. Eyemakeuo which refeclts light is more like them. Cancerians should definietely go for a blue eye makeup look and considering there are so many different palattes available online now, the looks you can pull off are numerous.

5Water Sign: Scorpio

scorpio makeup

Scorpions are like raging rivers that analyse and somehow dig deep into your soul. A little kohl and purple hue would look great on this sign. 

6Water Sign: Pisces

annettesmakeupcorner instagram
pisces makeup

This sun sign is generally flexible, and has a very adaptible character. They can be very charming and mystical and are well known for big eyes. This sign generally likes to work on their eye makeup more than anything. So a brownish purple smokey eye look would best define tjis sign and it would go with any outfit they wear. 

7Earth Signs: Taurus

taurus makeup

This sun sign is strong and very stable when we talk of Earth signs. However, they are very stubborn and unwilling to change. An earthy and neautral eye look would go best for this sign and it can be worn with any ensemble, and for any occasion. 

8Earth Signs: Virgo

virgo makeup

Virgos like it classy, elegant and structured. This sun sign should go for a grey and brown palette with a hint of silver. Oodles of kohl and a lot of blending is the key here. 

9Earth Signs: Capricorn

denitslava makeup
capricorn makeup

This sun sign is a tad bit conservative and be very dark but not in a very negative sense. A moss green eye look would reflect this sign the best. 

10Air Sign: Gemini

gemini makeup

Gemini is very indecisive. They have dreamy eyes with long eyelashes and a bright candy purple or a mint green eye makeup look would go best with this sign. 

11Air Sign: Libra

libra makeup

This sign likes attention whether they accept it or not. They like to keep things calm and stable so that the scales don't tip. So a sober light brown nude makeup look would go well with this sign. A hint of rust would also good. 

12Air Sign: Aquarius

kymmoguiangvalenton instagram
aquarius makeup

This sign is said to be erratic and very unpredictable. They should be picking shades that make their beautiful eyes look bigger and pastel shades is the answer here.